Automate Filling in WordPress Comment Fields

One of the more annoying things about visiting blogs is having to fill out all the comment fields. They are the same on every blog (including this one). Sure, you can hit the down arrow key and Firefox might remember what you typed last, but it’s still a pain, especially as a blogger when you want to leave a lot of comments.

A much simpler way is to use an application to fill out the fields for you. I’ve chosen the Texter application, just because it’s the latest software that I’ve been playing with.

Download and install the software, and go through the tutorial on the download page. Once you’ve got it installed, hit Ctrl+Shift+H to bring up the Add new hotstring dialog, and enter the following, making sure to set the dropdown to “Script”, or else it won’t replace the {Tab} with an actual tab key.

My Name{Tab}{Tab}{Tab}My Message Here

You’ll want to give it a unique hotstring, something that you wouldn’t need to use in other applications. I chose wp1.

So now just type in wp1 into the name field in any comments box:

Hit the tab key, and you should see it auto-fill in the fields, and position the cursor in the comment box so you can write a personalized comment.

This tool is unbelievably useful.

Get Texter (text replacement tool for Windows)

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