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Organize Bookmarks with Apple’s Safari for Windows

Keeping your bookmarks organized is a critical task for any web browser, so let’s see how the new Safari for Windows handles bookmarks.

First click on the “open-book” icon located on the bookmarks toolbar.


This will open up Safari’s bookmark organizer.  You will see there are several bookmarks already included from the default install.  On the left section is the categories or ‘Collections’ headers.  Clicking on each collection will display the book marked pages on the right side with the site name and URL.


You can really do a lot in this bookmark manager.  If you right click an entry in either section you will be able to choose from many different options such as Open, Delete, Edit, etc…

ddd      dd


To create a new Collection simply click the ‘+’ button.  This will start a new field for you to custom name.  You can also drag and drop folders into other categories or change the order.

sd      sss

Also, notice that your Internet Explorer and Mozilla (including FireFox) bookmarks will automatically be imported during the installation.


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  • Published 06/11/07

Comments (17)

  1. Steven

    No sort option
    Can’t move folders before or after another. It keeps adding them to the nearest folder.

  2. Alex

    Any idea on how to do recover Safari for Windows bookmarks? My Safari install crashes every time I try to start it up (ever since the latest update), and before reinstalling the app I’d like to recover my bookmarks.


  3. Amir

    How do i recover the original safari bookmarks such as sports, news, kids, etc.?

  4. yvonne walaconis

    I would like to create a “back-up” document that shows both the Address and bookmark name. When I “export” my bookmarks and choose to add the file to my desktop, only the name of the bookmark will appear. I’ve tried to copy and paste into word and only the fist line bookmark will copy. Also, by doing it this way, I don’t get ALL the bookmarks broken down by folder.

  5. YourArticleSucks

    I agree with the first poster Steven. Sorting bookmarks in Safari is a royal PAIN. You can’t sort by name, date or any other common methods of sorting. And you also can’t move bookmark folders around because they get put into the folders next to it. Did you even try sorting your bookmarks before writing this post?

  6. Spong

    I agree–sorting bookmarks is severely flawed and essentially impossible to do fully if you have any folders. The spring-loaded folders function is broken entirely–you can’t place anything directly under a folder because it will go inside the folder instead, and you can’t turn off spring-loaded folders or change the delay time of opening as you can on an Apple. This ruins the browser for me and I will not use it until this problem is fixed, at which point I will use Safari in preference to any other browser on Windows. Why is it so difficult to find any discussion of this rather fatal bookmarks flaw online??

  7. yvonne

    Spong – What browser do you use?

  8. Spong

    Not sure what you mean, since the issue is with the Safari for Windows browser, but I have installed and use both Internet Explorer and Firefox. The system is Windows XP Professional version 5.1.

  9. Marcus

    I did it! I managed to “sort” folders on Safari for Windows! It’s easy.

    – Display all bookmarks
    – Select the bookmark folder that you want to move
    – Ctrl+X to cut that folder
    – Select the folder after which you want to place the cut folder
    – Ctrl+V to paste

    OK, so it’s not a one-step-alphanumeric sorting procedure, but sorting folders is not an everyday task either. I guess anyone can organize their stuff in 10 minutes or so. After that, it’s a matter of maintenance.



  10. Spong

    Apple should give you a cash prize. You just saved Safari for me. Thanks.

    And I can’t believe they haven’t fixed this yet, or that I’ve heard so little about it. Sort of a MAJOR flaw.

  11. Ulysses

    There’s a freeware program called Sortosaurus which will sort your Safari bookmarks in one click. Google it.

  12. Robert

    There is another bookmark manager called Advanced URL Catalog which can be used to organize your Safari bookmarks.

  13. Bill

    New to Safari, Im at a loss to get my bookmarks from Firefox to Safari. Downloaded the Foxmarks for my Firefox,,,,but how do I get the bookmarks from Firefox to Safari??

  14. KoiMaxx

    I tried Safari simply because it aced the Acid 3 test but after tinkering around with it for 30mins, I gave up went back to FireFox. I found the interface cumbersome, the supposed smart folders counter-intuitive, and the lack of a decent bookmark organization utterly disappointing.

  15. BlakeAndrew

    Now if there was just a way to ADD bookmarks effectively. No spring-loaded folders and last active bookmark folder shortcut (like firefox) is ideal.

  16. John

    And does anybody know how to get History to scroll down properly? Once you are in a date and find the page isn’t there you just can’t get out of it to try to search through the next session. The only way seems to bypass the History menu altogether and search via the open book icon!

  17. JB

    How to create a Collections folder in Safari for windows. Your answer does not answer the question. Please, please, try again. I can add URLs to my IE imported folders, no problem.

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