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Make Fonts Less "Fuzzy" in Safari for Windows

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One of the immediate complaints people have had about the new Safari for Windows beta is how “fuzzy” the fonts seem to look in comparison to Internet Explorer or Firefox. There’s a quick solution to this issue, although only partially, since Safari doesn’t use ClearType on Windows for some odd reason.

Just go to Edit \ Preferences, and choose the Appearance tab.


You should see a “Font Smoothing” dropdown menu, which you can change to “Light” to make the font smoothing less “fuzzy”. Here’s some example screenshots for your enjoyment:


Font smoothing: Medium (more fuzzy)


Font smoothing: Light (less fuzzy)


Font smoothing: Strong (absurdly fuzzy)


Take your pick! I personally chose Light as my default, and it seems to make a big difference.

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  • Published 06/11/07

Comments (3)

  1. Fraser Doerksen

    After a few months of sore eyes from these fuzzy fonts and the ridiculous low-contrast user interface I’ve finally given up on Safari. The best way to disable fuzzy fonts, since Apple clearly isn’t listening to the user base: ditch Safari. Use Firefox.

  2. Nils

    I can live with the “light” option, but the other ones are just too much contrast for my eyes (safari on windows). I dont understand, why there isn’t any option to disable font smoothing at all? Maybe there are some hacks, I will investigate further (using Firefox ;))

  3. Craig Sigrist

    You can completely disable Font Smoothing in Safari 3.1 for Windows XP & Vista by following the instructions on the MacLife Forum at:

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