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Keep Websites From Using Tiny Fonts in Safari

What’s with all the sites these days with fonts so small you can barely see them? Safari has a really useful feature where you can set the browser to never use those tiny fonts again.

To change this setting, click on Edit and choose Preferences. In the resulting window click on Advanced. Place a check next to “Never user font sizes smaller than”.  Set the font size higher to read the text easier.


Before setting the font size.


After setting the font size ridiculously big for the sake of illustration.


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  • Published 06/18/07

Comments (2)

  1. Josh

    I believe that the smallest font that I can handle is size 10, and if it’s that it has to be Verdana.
    This is a very good feature and will help anyone who has any reading problems, or just the general public.

    Go Geek(Y)

  2. Martin

    Tiny fonts are one of those things that will hopefully go down in Web history as “so 1997”, like flaming skulls, background wallpapers and blink tags.

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