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Customize Safari for Windows Toolbar

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You can customize the toolbar in Apple’s Safari for Windows like you can with FireFox and Internet Explorer.  Here is how.

Open Safari and click on View and select Customize Toolbar…  You will get the following window which will allow you to drag specific buttons and icons to the toolbar.  I must say it works very smooth and is visually pleasant to the eyes.  In this example I am using Safari Beta 3 on my XP machine.  Notice the transparency in the customization window. 



For those of you using FireFox the process is very similar.  Once you are done dragging and dropping the items you want.  click the Done button.  You now have the toolbar customized how you like.


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  • Published 06/11/07

Comments (8)

  1. preet

    how do you add a yahoo toolbar
    is there a add tab shortcut for the toolbar

  2. sturmey

    Now if you could tell us how to get rid of the

  3. Shanx

    How to add a “New Tab” button? How to add buttons beyond the super-basic six provided by Safari by default? This is not “customization”.

  4. Melissa Gilstrap

    I have no toolbar. I cannot enable or disable pop-ups. My basic toolbar is missing! Help!

  5. Jeffrey

    The writer said “it works very smooth” well, I disagree. It doesn’t work at all (or I should say, it only does what safari wants it to do, but doesn’t actually allow me to “customize” the tool bar — for example, I see no way to get some icons OFF of the toolbar – can’t seem to delete “show reading list”, can’t delete “show all bookmarks”, and can’t delete “show top sites” — if anyone knows how to get these off the toolbar, please write. How is it possible to customize the safari toolbar? Well, this page didn’t answer the question, …. How can I get these icons off? they will not move.

  6. Jeffrey

    Well, I tried again, and I’d say it doesn’t work at all.

  7. 44Edward


    I unchecked my safari tool bars and now I can show them. I reinstalled after uninstalling and somehow it remembers this. I am using safari on on PC windows system 7.



  8. 44Edward

    sorry I can NOT show them; Is there any way to get the tool bars to show again; or erase the memory the windows is keeping on this –

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