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Clear All Browsing History in Safari

If you share a computer you know how important it is to keep your personal data and surfing habits private.  You could always use the Private Browsing feature, but what if you forget?  You can clear your session data by using the Reset feature in Safari.


Click on Edit and choose Reset Safari…


You then get this confirmation screen where you can decide what to keep and what needs to go.  Keep in mind that once you hit the Reset button there is no turning back. 


A quick way to verify it worked is to check the History.  Looks like all is clear.


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  • Published 06/16/07

Comments (4)

  1. abdul

    the advice above on how to clear your history etc from the safari browser doesn’t work. I’ve tried it all. Resetting safari, emptying cache, switching off all the 3 choices in preferences under autofill but it still manages to find my history when i start to type in the google search bar. From what I can find even turning on private browsing isn’t really so private.


  2. response to abdul

    You have probably long figured this out, but your google search bar is stored on google’s servers, not locally.

  3. jerry

    I selected reset safari and clicked on reset and the big screen went to a small screen with the same window about reseting safari, but when I clicked on reset again, nothing happened. I want to reset. how can I do it ?

  4. sarah

    How do I get my HISTORY to show up again in Safari. I reset my safari and now I can’t go back and see any history.

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