Do you need occasional quick access to a dictionary or thesaurus while browsing but find opening a new tab with the appropriate website a hassle? Now you can have quick and easy access in the same tab with the DictionaryTip extension for Chrome.

DictionaryTip in Action

For our example we left the default settings in place and used the mouse to access DictionaryTip. To use your mouse simply hover the cursor over a word as shown here…

Double click and the word is highlighted. Notice that there is also a small icon just below the highlighted word…to open the “Popup Reference Window” move your mouse over the icon.

The “Popup Reference Window” will quickly appear and you will be able to move the window to a different location within the browser window if desired. The “Popup Reference Window” may also be resized to better suit your needs. Here you can see the definition for our example word from “”…

If you prefer to use one of the other services you may change to it using the drop-down menu.

The definition for our example word from “”.


Perhaps you would prefer a synonym or antonym instead? Use the secondary drop-down menu to select “thesaurus”.

And just like that you will have a listing of both synonyms or antonyms for the word in question. Notice that even here there is still a brief definition provided.


In the options you will be able to make changes in how you activate DictionaryTip using your mouse or the keyboard shortcut. You will also be able to specify which services are available for reference and add custom sites if desired.


If you need an easy way to look up a definition, synonym, and/or antonym for a word while browsing then this is definitely a great extension to have added to your browser.


Download the DictionaryTip extension (Google Chrome Extensions)

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