Do you prefer keeping your Taskbar hidden but still need to keep watch on what time it is? Now you can keep track of the time without the Taskbar using the Date Today extension for Google Chrome.

A Look at Date Today with Different Themes

This extension does one thing and does it well…it provides you with an “active icon” clock that will let you view the time and date in two fashions. The first is by hovering your mouse over the “Toolbar Clock Button”…


And the second is by clicking on the “Toolbar Clock Button” to view an enlarged version. Here you can see the extension in use with five different themes to get an idea of how it might look with the theme that you are currently using. It does stand out very nicely with brighter or darker colored themes.



While this extension is obviously not for everyone it will make a nice (and useful) addition to Chrome for those who prefer keeping their Taskbar hidden.


Download the Date Today extension (Google Chrome Extensions)