Want a better way to view YouTube videos and the surrounding sections in Google Chrome? Now you can always have your video in sight while browsing the rest of the webpage with the VidzBigger extension.


Normally if you are viewing a video at YouTube you will not be able to look through all of the comments or view some parts of the webpage without losing sight of the video itself. Sometimes that is ok and at other times it is not. If you also happen to prefer viewing the “HD Version” then once again you can experience momentary frustration by having to manually select it each time. But there is an easy way to fix all of that.

VidzBigger in Action

Once the extension is installed there will be a noticeable difference in the layout of the webpage and the new default size of the video (HD Version). All “sections” that originally surrounded the video to the right and below it will be combined into scrollable areas on the right side. Your video will stay in sight regardless of your browsing through the related videos, viewing the comments that have been added, etc.

Things look just as nice in “Full Screen” mode too.

Here is a closer look at how things are rearranged on the right side of your browser window. Each of the “sections” will have their own scrollbar in addition to the scrollbar for your browser. Notice the “Quality & Download Features Drop-Down Menu” that is now present…


There are several ways that you can tweak VidzBigger to control the look and feel of the videos. Access for the options is available in the upper right corner of the webpage when viewing a video.



If you have been wanting a better viewing layout while browsing YouTube then you should really give this extension a try. This is definitely a must-have extension for anyone who loves YouTube.


Download the VidzBigger extension (Google Chrome Extensions)

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