Do you miss having a search box in Chrome and would like to get one back? Then join us as we take a look at the Search Box extension.

Search Box Extension

Once installation is complete you will see your new “Magnifying Glass Toolbar Button” and a message concerning managing your extensions.

There are three ways to access the options. The first is by right clicking on the “Toolbar Button”.

The second is through the “Chrome Extensions Page”.

The third (and easiest) is in the drop-down window. Here you can see the default setup/look for Search Box.

When you go into the options you will be presented with a default list of search engines. Two of the searches engines start out as disabled but can be enabled with just the click of a mouse. Notice that you can edit the existing search engines and add new ones…you can really personalize Search Box to best suit your needs.


Here is what our search engines list and drop-down window looked like when we finished customizing our engine set.

Search Box in Action

We started off our testing with a search for “Windows 7” using Bing Singapore.

Note: Each time we reopened the drop-down search window Google displayed as the default search engine but we were able to select and use any engine that we desired.

As soon as we clicked on the “Search Button” a new tab was automatically opened with a list of search results as shown here.

For our next test we decided to search for “Windows 7” using the YouTube Search Engine.

Once again we had a new tab open up with a nice set of results for our search term. Very nice…


Our search on YouTube did result in one odd behavior…while we had the YouTube “search page” (and linked YouTube pages opened from it) focused the drop-down window displayed the search URL as shown here. The drop-down search box displayed as normal for any non YouTube pages we focused to the front.


While the Search Box extension may have a small “quirk or two” at the moment we were still well pleased with how it operated. If you have missed the search boxes available in other browsers this is definitely an extension worth trying out.


Download the Search Box extension (Google Chrome Extensions)

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