Do you like to browse shopping, social, and video websites while at work and need a really quick way to hide them if the boss strolls through? Now you can hide those websites easily with the Boss Button extension for Google Chrome.

Installation & Setup

Once the extension has finished installing you will see an “empty spot” that is actually your new invisible “Boss Button” and a short extension management message. Invisible is good!

Note: During our tests the Boss Button remained invisible regardless of theme background color (excellent!).

The “Boss Button” will appear as an “empty box button” when you hover over it.

Note: There is only one option to worry with…choosing a “prim and proper” webpage as your cover.

Just Before the Panic


So there you are with some fun videos to watch, your personal e-mail & Remember The Milk accounts open, and a couple of great tech sites with lots of reading goodness. Just as you are getting settled into all that goodness here comes the manager on “walk about” through the office…

Note: During our tests the Boss Button did seem to “interfere” with some flash games (which may or may not be due to a “quirk” in our browser’s settings).

Boss Button in Action

Time to get everything hidden as quickly as possible! Just click on that wonderful “invisible Boss Button” and…

Nothing but pure innocence.

Once your manager has returned to their office you can get back to all of that “important” browsing that you were doing before. Click on that wonderful button again and…

Indulge in the goodness.


Keep in mind that your job security is more important than visiting your favorite websites. But if you do need to keep some websites “out of sight” from prying eyes (i.e. coworkers trying to see confidential work data or such), then this could definitely be a very useful addition to your browser.


Download the Boss Button extension (Google Chrome Extensions via GitHub)

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