Are you looking for a quick way to access the files in your Dropbox account while using Chrome? Then join us as we take a look at the Dropbox extension.


Normally any interaction with your Dropbox account while using Chrome only occurs one way…in a regular tab. But what if you just want to access one of your files quickly without the whole “new tab” hassle?

Drop Box in Action

If you are not currently signed into your Dropbox account you will need to quickly login.

The default opening view for the drop-down window is the “Recent Events Tab”…

Clicking over to the “Files Tab” has you ready to access your files, log back out, or access the “Regular Site”.


Clicking on the “Regular Site Link” will open your normal Dropbox account window inside the drop-down window.

Here is a look at the “Public Folder”. Very similar (in looks and navigation) to having your account open in a tab.

And a look at the “Photos Folder”. In our tests clicking on the .rtf file prompted a save window but clicking on the link for an image opened it in a new tab. So you can expect either one or the other based on the particular file type that you are accessing.

Here is the image that we selected in the screenshot above…


While still in the early stages of development, the Dropbox extension can provide quick access to your Dropbox files when you need them.


Download the Drop Box extension (Google Chrome Extensions)

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