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Close All of Your Open Apps in a Snap

You’ve been doing some serious work on your computer and have a bunch of apps, browsers, spreadsheets, and documents open. You’re done for the day, but closing each app and document individually is going to be a hassle. Here we take a look at an awesome utility that will close all of your running applications at once with one click.

Close All Windows

Close All Windows from NTWind Software is an easy to use utility that doesn’t require installation, and will terminate all programs with a single click. Simply download and extract the zip file, and when you open it you’ll see the files that run it.

1 close

You can put this folder into a handy directory like C:\Users then pin the executable to the Taskbar for easy access in Windows 7.


It will also work in XP or Vista and you could add it to the Quick Launch toolbar.


8 close

If you haven’t saved your work in a program or document, the app will ask if you want to save your work, just like if you were to close out of it normally.


If you need a way to quickly close out of all your open apps when done for the day, Close All Windows is a very cool solution.

Download Close All Windows

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  • Published 02/3/10

Comments (11)

  1. calebstein

    I really want it, but does it kill ALL running processes (eg. explorer.exe), or just open or minimized windows?

  2. Mysticgeek

    @calebstein: It just closes open apps not processes.

  3. John Horne

    This would be handy many days – in fact I could have used it earlier today – but I’d be afraid to put it in the Win7 taskbar, for fear of accidentally clicking it!

  4. calebstein

    @mysticgeek: thanks for the reply, I will download it now.

  5. thisistxf

    I made a batch file to do the same thing using command prompt i wish i had know this earlier lol

  6. Jay Shah

    Was not there a Windows Keys cmd to do just this?
    Like Windows Key + D takes minimized the apps and takes you to the desktop?
    I may be wrong.
    Jay Shah

  7. calebstein

    @Jay Shah: the Win+D shortcut just minimizes all windows, it doesn’t close them.

  8. Harry

    there is a program {free} that will close all programs, just open i.e. and type in the asddress bar “enditall” without the quotes. Good luck and hope this is what your looking for.

  9. Lori

    Just got my iPhone. Is this something I can use to close open aps on my phone? When I go out of some of my aps they don’t all have a home page button. Not sure if I’m exiting and leaving the ap open. Thanks for ur help

  10. Alain

    I guess this is the proper place to “remind” people that Alt+Ctrl+C closes every apps then brings up the “What do you mant to do” dialog. You can then Cancel and keep working. Or switch user, hibernate, etc.

    The problem with the numerous shortcuts is that we can’t remember them all when they’re given in long lists. I think a site like this one should deliver a daily or weekly reminder of 4/5 related shortcuts, so that when we remember and use a bunch we like. > I just can’t believe I had forgotten all the text selecting shortcuts, like shift+ctrl+ right arrow, or End, etc. I also had never realized how useful Insert was, until recently…

  11. Alain

    Exploring Opera11’s shortcuts at random I found that Alt Gr (right alt) + C also closes every apps then brings up the “What do you mant to do” dialog.

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