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Taskbar Eliminator Does What the Name Implies: Hides Your Windows Taskbar

If you’re a big fan of one of the application launching dock applications like Rocketdock, you might have little need for the Windows taskbar, and would prefer to just hide it.


Taskbar Eliminator does just that—the second you run the software, your taskbar will be gone. You can use the Ctrl+Alt+T shortcut key combination to bring it back, though, and you can set the utility to start with Windows.

Definitely could be useful… just don’t use it if you aren’t willing to use the shortcut key!

Download Taskbar Eliminator [via Life Rocks 2.0]

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  • Published 01/30/10

Comments (12)

  1. JackCrow


  2. mmg1818

    photo ?

  3. Alec S.

    As I thought, it does not actually eliminate the taskbar, it simply hides it. That is, when you maximize a window while the taskbar is hidden, there will be a blank bar at the bottom of the screen or wherever the taskbar was.

    A proper taskbar remover/eliminator would return the area that is taken by the taskbar to the working-area of the desktop. To be fair, I have yet to see a single app that does this. (I’ll probably end up writing one to see if it is even possible—even killing explorer.exe does not return the taskbar rect to the desktop space.)

  4. Realitizer

    Alec S. You can set the workarea by using SystemParametersInfo() with SPI_SETWORKAREA. You would then have to send a message to all windows to cause them to resize if maximized.

  5. JackCrow

    Supposedly this is the photo:

    But what is the point of this, if the taskbar can be automatically hidden if you select it right click on the taskbar – properties – auto hide taskbar.
    All your windows Vista onwards are resized, even if they are open, for previous versions of Windows it may be required to reopen them.
    But why would you make a program for something that already exists and works, to hide it completely no, the button still remains, with auto hide you have a whole space for your windows.

  6. Realitizer

    >the button still remains

    I think it’s impossible to hide the button on Windows 7. I’ve tried coding something similar and it refuses to hide. Instead it is replaced by a smaller, non-functional button.

  7. Ben


    Actually it must be possible to hide the start button. Aviassin has a ‘custom build’ which lets you hide it..

  8. Realitizer

    @Ben – Just remembered. You can only hide it if you hide the taskbar too. What I mentioned above happens when you don’t hide the taskbar.

  9. Ores

    I think what this application lacks is the possibility to hide the taskbar prior to eliminate it, that way you do not have the useless space. You can do this manually, but for me the whole point is to do it at once. I do not use much the taskbar so I like to have it hidden, the problem is that I like it at the bottom along with the status bar of firefox which is also hidden. It then becomes difficult to select the firefox one so finally I have to allow the taskbar to be visible. This way only when I really need it I call it up. Incomplete but useful.

  10. Jacob

    This has just been updated so that the useless space down the bottom is no longer left, according to cnet. :)

  11. G4bryel

    This program is useless. After 5 minutes the taskbar reappers. Does anyone know a registry hack or something the really remove the taskbar in Win 7?

  12. G4bryel

    I found a solution: Taskbar Control. It’s way better than Taskbar Eliminator!

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