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SUPERAntiSpyware Portable is the Must-Have Spyware Removal Tool You Need

If you’ve got a PC infected with malware, spyware, or rogue/fake antivirus applications, the best tool for removing them is the free SUPERAntiSpyware Portable edition. Here at How-To Geek HQ, this is the tool we use to clean nasty infections like Antivirus Live.


You might wonder why a portable version is so important… the problem is that the worst malware infections block you from installing malware removal software, and even if you manage to get it installed, most of the time when you try and launch it, you’ll get an error like this one:


Note: that’s a real screenshot from a real virus that we cleaned with SUPERAntiSpyware Portable.

SUPERAntiSpyware Portable solves this problem by not only giving you a completely portable version of the application, which consists of a single file you can copy to your USB drive without requiring installation, but it also automatically gives you a random filename so the malware can’t detect it as easily.


You should note that when you download the application, it includes all the latest updates as of when you downloaded it.

Sidebar Geek Note

If you’ve had a lot of experience cleaning viruses, you’ll probably note that you could always run SUPERAntiSpyware as a portable application by installing it to a thumb drive, but the updates didn’t automatically come along with it.

Some of us were also using a hack method involving a batch file and setting environment variables to make sure the updates were installed on the thumb drive, but thankfully the new version fixes the problem by automatically including them. The really ironic thing is that I’d written an article scheduled for next week on how to do just that. Oh well, this is much better anyway.

Using SUPERAntiSpyware Portable

Once you’ve launched the application on an infected machine, you should see a welcome screen, and you can just click the button to start it up.


Pick your language…


And just like that, you’re in the main interface. If you haven’t used the regular SUPERAntiSpyware before, you should click the Scan your Computer button—though if you’ve had it sitting on your system for a while you might want to use the update check first.


Select the locations to scan, and choose to Perform Complete Scan (there’s no point in a quick scan on an infected machine).


The application will scan through the system and find anything bad on the system, and then let you remove it all easily. Note: this is a screenshot from an infected machine that we successfully cleaned using SUPERAntiSpyware.


So there you have it, a full endorsement from How-To Geek for SUPERAntiSpyware. I have personally used it to clean at least a dozen machines infected with really terrible rogue/fake antimalware applications.

Note: SUPERAntiSpyware is not an anti-virus software, and is meant for removing spyware and rogue applications that hold your PC for ransom. You still need Microsoft Security Essentials for your real-time protection.

Download SUPERAntiSpyware Portable Scanner from

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  • Published 01/19/10

Comments (101)

  1. Trevor

    Super AntiSpyware and MBAM are highly regarded as the top two free anti-spyware apps. The fact you can take it on a usb stick further increases its usability. How is there bias?

  2. The Geek

    I’ve deleted two comments on this thread that were unhelpful and useless.

  3. jj128

    SUPERAntiSpyware has always worked wonders for me. Love it! I use malwarebytes too though, and then scan with spybot usually just to make sure it’s completely gone.

  4. crazygeek

    I’ve always used MalwareBytes, but I’m going to check this out. A portable version would really be helpful, since it’s difficult to install any applications with some of the recent spyware.

  5. geeksmith

    Excellent app! I’ve always been partial to Spybot S&D as well.

  6. Mike J

    Ditto jj128.

    I’ve been using the installed version but may switch.

  7. whiplash55

    SAS got rid of a stubborn infection Malwarebytes could only find but not remove. I use both since no one automated solution always works.

  8. George B.

    Hi there,
    Having been there with my desktop rapidly shutting down before my eyes and not responding to any of the installed security apps this is a real godsend——–in case of emergency, plug in and play.

    EXCELLENT thank you G.B.

  9. Steve

    This is a .com file and will not execute!

  10. Andrew Hargreave

    Thought I’d give this a try on a pc just dropped off with Antivirus Live on it. However, booting into Safe Mode, and then running this, you don’t get the Start button on the loader screen due to the screen resolution. Ooops!

  11. Doc

    I tried it and didn’t find it very “portable.” It left its files in my TEMP folder and, needed an internet connection to update (and doesn’t seem to retain the updates, making it useless to carry via USB drive to a non-connected PC). I’m sticking with ClamWin Portable for my USB stick.

  12. Scarlett

    Nice one! I’m going to throw this on my USB stick just in case – have battled with 2 nasty viruses in the last 12 months alone so chance are this may come in handy! Now if only I could remember to backup my hard drive more often … :-P

  13. jamie

    hi there, i’ve downloaded the software to a usb but it wont run from either the usb or the desktop where I saved it originally. The infection is not allowing it to run- how do i solve this?

  14. jamie

    hi again,
    I’VE FINALLY SORTED THE PROBLEM after a very frustrating day! I’m not a techie in any way so I was literally trying to read forums from this as well as other websites. Please excuse any lingo below that seems amateurish!

    The biggest problem I had was that even though I had downloaded the super antispyware the virus would not allow my laptop to run the application! It kept just coming up “The application etc etc etc is infected”.
    When I restarted the laptop, I noticed that there is a period of approx 30 seconds to 1 minute immediately after the desktop appears before the virus actually kicks in. Once the virus has reopened or kicked back in, I am completely powerless to even connect to the internet.

    If I connected quick enough after re-starting I was able to get online at least where I could check forums such as this one as well being able to download the Super antispyware.

    As mentioned above though, once the virus has kicked in on your OS, any subsequent applications will be prevented from running. Save the SAS to your desktop for speedy access. Once you have successfully downloaded the SAS, re-start your system and run the SAS immediately when the desktop appears and go through the recommended steps, ie, scan the entire computer (my scan took 35 minutes), remove all viruses and then roboot- and then hopefully you’ll be back in action- Hope this helps!

  15. lumacd

    I down loaded SAS to my desktop and to a thum drive…& non to soon a friend of mind call and said she was have a problem with her PC ”’I arrived at her home and use the SAS about 4 time and finially got it working correctly…thanks for the heads up….

  16. 1fastbullet

    At this very moment I am runnung MalwareBytes on a machine infected w/ Antivirus Live.
    Jamie, above made a very valid point in stating that i had to begin this scan immediately after XP started. Waiting too long before starting the scan prevented it from starting at all.
    As it happens, I had repeatedly tried to get MalwareBytes, SAS and others to start but was thwarted by having let too much time elapse.
    As I write this, MalwareBytes has completed it’s scan and found 156 infections which it has removed. Immediately upon re-start, I have been successful at starting SAS, which is finally scanning the infected machine.
    AGAIN, it seems critical to initiate these malware scans as soon as Windows has loaded!

  17. tnp

    This is a lifesaver. I had been working on a machine for several days that was infected with Antivirus Soft (which seems to be a clone of Antivirus Live). It blocked installation or running of SuperAntiSpyware (hard disk version), MalwareBytes, Windows Defender, and AVG Antivirus. The only thing that worked was running this portable scanner in Safe mode from a flash drive, which fooled the malware and removed a large enough piece of it that the other programs could be installed and remove the rest, and following other instructions elsewhere on this site regarding Antivirus Live. Thanks a million.

  18. gazza

    where do i download the antivirus software?

  19. JP

    I had good luck downloading on clean machine. I am now able to run on corrupt laptop in safe mode. I am using portable usb hard drive to administer the cure(SUPERAntiSpyware Portable edition). So far so good

  20. How do I get rid of Spyware?

    I have just finally gotten rid of this horrible sypware that was slowing down my computer. Now it’s running smoothly. I’m annoyed that someone would create such a thing.

  21. quasimodo1

    SAS removed a malware program called Security Antivirus that Malwarebytes could not. Yea!

  22. hennessy

    Ummm.. I’ve copied the superantispyware to my usb then try to run it on my infected laptop, but the damn SecurityTool Malware wouldn’t let it opened! What do i do now since even the first step is totally blocked???! Please heeelp…

  23. JLahey

    Anybody have a good heavy hammer that I can use on my computer. I’ve tried almost everything on this security tools fiasco’ and nothing seems to work. I will take any help. Thanks

  24. chip410

    I just used the program, seems to have worked. Thanks

  25. Hilb

    I am not a computer person but have followed the instruction but don’t know where the SAS is saved on my PC. My laptop is infected with security tool and i need to save it on a memory stick so that I can get it on there… please help!!

  26. UnlimitedDATA

    Uhhm can somone help me after i got rid of all the viruses nd spyware i cant seem to open any programs it always asks me what to open it with

  27. hal

    l have security tool l need help

  28. victoria

    where would i be likely to find this super spy anti virus softwear on my computer?!?! as i dont know where itis?? please help me

  29. Ian T

    To get rid of security tool you need to download the portable superantispyware to your flashdrive and run it from that. Just downloading the normal superantispyware wont help. You can scan and remove viruses without downloading the portable superantispyware to your pc. It works directly from the flashdrive.

  30. Erica

    I tried this and it seemed to work, but when I rebooted the computer, the Antivirus Soft was still there. What happened?

  31. Lizzie

    I downloaded the program, but everytime I try to run it, it just shuts down. Is Activate Security Tool blocking it or something? I definatly need some help here!

  32. Danielle

    Thank you so much!!! I wasn’t able to run my computer in safe mode and was trying to run the recommended anti-virus programs from my portable drive. The virus kept blocking me from opening any of them. Luckily I read Jamie and 1fastbullet’s comments about having a 30-60 second window upon starting up my computer. I’m running scans right now, and so far, so good. Thanks!

  33. Josh

    I am having the same problem as Erica above with an Antivirus Soft that doesn’t seem to go away even after SAS has quarantined and removed. Everytime I do another scan…there it is again. Any help?

  34. aussie noob

    rkill.exe will stop rogue programs from blocking the use of AV’s & AS’s .. found the info on bleepingcomputers,- malwarebytes & superantispyware is awesome and actually do something unlike the more pop items like spybots s&d and ad aware se.. works great on XP & Vista, havent had the chance with W7 yet. taught me almost everything i know. plus trial and error :) my advice for a faster running PC: remove the virus known as NORTON Anti-Virus, install Comodo Internet Security. I would recomend AVG but it is like that AVG has done something to make it lag and become a CPU hog ever since they decided to stop offering the free version. so now I can now longer refer users to AVG. cheers and have a nice computer experiance :)

  35. Keren

    I LOVE IT! This program saves me hours of work. I get paid less, cause I have less work to do, but in the end I’m gaining credibility! :) You guys rock!!!

  36. JonnyRocket

    I just managed to download and install the Portable version, and it did the job just right.. I had previoulsy downloaded the protable SAS software, but the virus was blocking me from running it… I switched my PX off and on again, and I had about a 15 second window before the fake virus alerts came back, but in that time SuperAntiSpyware managed to get up and running. The fake alerts still continued to come up, but by then the SAS software was running… I just had to be patient and let it do its job, which took about 10 mins. Somehow my regular anti virus softwre became unblocked and the virus was removed… not sure which program actually did the removal, but it was definitley faciltated by SAS. Thanks SAS guys !!!

  37. tyra

    A friend of mine had this security tool on his computer, and you helped get if off. thank you… all though I think going into the msconfig helped too, because it at first would not let it run, and his enter key was not working, so safe mode wouldn’t go…any way thanks

  38. John N

    I have a fake anti-virus application preventing me from doing anything. It keeps popping up asking me if i want to install Realtime spyware protection. I get othere windows like Security Suite. It all looks like the sample pictures on your Superantispyware website. I went through the installation of SAS in safe mode and it all seem to work fine. Problem is that it only finds adware tracking cookies and does not find the fake anti-virus/spyware application. After cleaning it tells me I must reboot for it to complete removal. I assume it means reboot in normal mode. When I do that, the rouge is still there and I still can’t access anything.

  39. HTTP

    I used this to remove 3,900+ trogans and other nasty stuff from a xp recently…
    the windows malicious software removal tool couldn’t run it was so bad.
    it was even more ominous because the monitor cable was messed up so the screen was red hehehe…

  40. KrazyKrissToff

    To use this correctly, start safe mode by pressing F8 when computer starts. Select Safe Mode with NETWORKING, allowing internet access. Start program and use the UPDATE option. The program when downloaded may have been from earlier this year and it’s database is out of date. 8-9 months is a long time in a computers life, and new virus’s etc.. appear daily. Run program and you will be sorted. Never failed me yet. Saved many a machine from having to be formatted and Windows re-installed. After curing problems ensure you have an active Anti-virus/Spyware program installed, and don’t forget to update!.

  41. Adrian

    Whilst the program finds the Security Centre Virus and cleans it (registry entries & hard disk) when the PC start-up again we are back with the problem again.

    Anyone any ideas how to get rid once and forever.

    Many thanks Adrian

  42. tam

    I have the same problem. Have managed to run sas scan which finds security tool but doesn’t get rid of it. I have managed to update sas and I am rreally hoping that in the next few days they

  43. tam

    …find an answer. Have managed to load malwarebytes one too but can’t run it at all. So of anyone has anymore help to offer please do. Thanks.

  44. KrazyKrissToff

    Google program called RKILL, Load onto desktop and run as soon as possible when desktop loads in safe mode, Security Suite is a regenerating program so needs to be stopped before clean up. Hope this helps.

  45. Redd

    So does the super anti-spyware remove the viruses or does it just find them?

  46. jade

    help . i need a geek !

    iv got security tool viruse ! iv tryed going back in time and it didnt work. and it wont let the anti-spyware open even tho i saved on SD card !

    whats my next step plz??

    thanxs x

  47. Jasmine

    This was SO SO SO helpful! I’ve been fighting this virus for two days and this thread just completely has helped me with the steps to get rid of it for good! Thank you so much!

  48. Jon

    Hi, will Search and Destroy anti malaware fix the rouge virus that prevents me from doing stuff?

  49. rock

    I beat SECURITY TOOLS earlier this year for a friend who had 700plus trojans and virus bugs from lots of games the kids went for … these malware programs install in your start menu so you can pay them off
    You can do f8 in safe and do stuff ,but this is what I did as I gleaned it from a smart chick…remember there is always an authority structure to eveerything… as soon as your operating system turns on Go to bottom task bar and right clik to access task manager and left clik on task manager and when taskmanger is open far left tab so you can immediately turn off the security tools when it turns on,and any other program that wants to turn on I clicked off 3 on my deal…this now buys you time and function,but if you reboot you are back in now go to start menu and see the security tools header and icon….right click only and go to properties and open and then go to target file and go to the location through this properties avenue not double click but click the second time to change the name of the file with the security tools icon…..any change will kill the access of the malware…..mine was numbered 120006 which I changed to hhjkly or whatever……now right click to delete and delete the file….now close all and go to trash bin and empty the bin….now you are able to scan with superantispyware from this site and delete the bugs and then malwarebytesantimalware from this site these will debug nicely but if you load avast free antivirus it will likely still find bugs on the boot time scan….I discovered norton was useless …kaspersky rescue disc didnot stop the program and mse is not always on top I still like avast eeven though the update scares the crap out of yuh if your not ready so ….get avast and advanced system care to keep things nice and fast….use the disc check occasionally…..hope you all pass this stuff on ….be cool

  50. Doug

    Ran it olast night to remove Security Tool — everything seemed to work OK but it didn’t remove it …

  51. mel

    will this program still work if I am logged onto another account on the same pc. My other account was infected and I cannot download anything from it.

  52. Sarah

    Hoping this works. I’ve been doing a bunch of different programs all day. LOL at the end Microsoft Security Essentials thing though… That’s the ‘program’ that gave me the virus. I downloaded the real one too now. So hopefully something will work.

  53. Lenny

    Had security tool virus. The SAS portable download worked fine. I did the safe mode with network and it worked fine. Security Tool had previously stopped all my attempts at any work with task manager or any program. This worked great. My computer seems slower afterwards but will check again later. At least it’s working and I didn’t have to pay geeksquad over $200 to get rid of it with keeping my photo and videos safe with it.

  54. Hayley

    I cant thank u enough for this, ive never had a problem before and I opened an email from a company I thought id been expecting! oh dear, but anyway thanku!!!

  55. Jake

    I downloaded the SAS to a USB drive then plugged it into my laptop. Opened the USB and tried to open the SAS program and I immediately get a Security Tool “WARNING” box.

    Any ideas on how to launch the SAS program?

  56. KrazyKrissToff

    Step by step instructions.
    Download Rkill and SAS and transfer to a Usb drive
    Boot computer into safe mode by tapping F8 when booting.
    At Options select Safe mode with NETWORKING
    Do not select any options to use system restore.
    When in safe mode, copy Rkill to desktop and run.
    Copy SAS to desktop and run.
    Before you do anything else UPDATE the SAS program
    Then run the option for a Complete Scan.
    Leave program to do it’s work, this may take 30-45 mins depending on number of files etc.. on your hard drive (c:\)
    When Sas finished follow instructions for cleanup then reboot computer and you should be sorted.
    Hope this helps, I have sorted out a dozen or more systems with this Virus and not failed once.
    Let me know if it has worked for you, or not!.

  57. Matthew

    Works fine :). Just make sure to reboot your computer in safe mode (F8 for most computers, F2/F12 if that doesn’t work) and let it scan ALL of your files. I had some “bggmoxfdls” BS and it only took 10 minutes to kill it. The free version of “Malwarebytes” is also very helpful in these situations The only problem I have now is getting Internet Explorer to open back up, because I’m weird and HATE using firefox :/

  58. Gilly

    Just had the same problem, most likely got it from Pirate Bay.
    RKill was required to freeze the bug and then I could manually delete it with the log that RKill gives you.

    NOTE: has to be done via desktop and quickly before the system start-ups 100% or you are back with the bug blocking you from doing almost anything.

  59. harrison

    i am havving the same problems and i downloaded the porgrame to my USB from a nother com[puter and when i pput in my usb bet the usb doesent show up

  60. harrison

    also takumi is awesonme

  61. hanna

    Hello, i have got the same virus as everyone else, antivirus scan, but after downloading the superantispyware i cant really find it on my computer? what is the random name?

  62. KrazyKrissToff

    Hi Hannah, The random File name you should look for should be SAS-577E96A3 or similar. Hope this helps, let me know.

  63. TerryW

    I have been searching for instructions on how to copy, transfer, or download these programs onto the USB memory sticks. Everyone just says to do it, but no detailed info on exactly how to do it. I’m trying to help fix a friend’s computer since they can’t bring up a website to download these programs themselves. I’ve seen “drag and drop it to the stick” HOW? Drag what exactly to where? If I send a program from my program files or desktop to the stick all that transfers is the shortcut, not the program.
    So any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

  64. ashk

    I spent all day yesterday trying to remove a fake antivirus from my laptop and finally used rkill and ran SAS and Malwarebytes again. It found infected files and removed them. Then when I restarted my computer, there is nothing on my desktop! My screensaver is still there and if I leave it unattended my picture slideshow still runs, so it makes me think my files still must be somewhere, but I can’t do anything! No start menu, nothing. If I right click nothing happens. Any suggestions? Please help! I really hope my whole computer didn’t get wiped clean!!!

  65. Sarah

    Im having issues with running this program. I do rkill first then i do sas, but about a minuite or more into the scan the laptop shuts down, i am doing all this in safe mode. Even took out the disk drive to help keep it cooler, not that it even feels hot. And its pluged into tge charger so its not a batterey or power issue. Is anyone having this problem or better yet, can help me fix it?

  66. Ryan T.

    I had the AntiVirus spyware fake protection thing on my computer and this worked so well! The last time i had it i used rkill.exe and it did not work.. forcing me to whipe my computer. Great job on this! you saved my butt.

  67. Dell. S

    Got Rid of the problem. Would Highly Recomend

  68. Bruce

    I am having a HUGE problem. I ran your program, It found programs and I selected to quarantine.
    Now I can ONLY access the internet, And NOTHING shows in the quarantine area or the Log.

  69. KrazyKrissToff

    Bruce, Have you tried doing a system restore?

  70. harleygary

    The first go around SUPERAntivirus did not work against a virus know as SYSTEM TOOL anti-virus. Nor the secnd tiime around. I’ll have to try another software program to see if I can get this thing off my computer.

  71. harleygary

    The free version of “Malwarebytes” worked in my situation.

  72. Margo

    SAS and this site rescued me from the Antivirus bug. I go tbit twice in a month…first time Avast found 17 infractions. Second time Avast found 8 and I was still being hijacked. Thanks HTG! Owe you. Will purchase SAS; am now on free trial for professional version.

  73. Pharr

    This helped so much I had 260 corrupted files before I found this

  74. janean

    I did manage to clean out the fake virus from my computer using the portable super anti spywear. Thank goodness but I will have to reload alot of my programs that the fake virus was holding hostage because they dont respond anymore. but the virus is gone ! Thank you so much How To Geek website for all of your help !

  75. godofchickens

    all you got to do is ….
    when you have the 30 secs to 1 min bein in control of your computer use it wisely dont install anything simply make a guest account.
    once done restart computer then go on guest from there you should be able to create a new administrator account OH YEAH!!! then all you do restart. click on your new admin account get on the internet! then download the stuff you need because you can download,access everything hassle free from the new account my computer still majorly affected and i am just lookin for a site that can get rid of it and yes i am virus free on my new admin account just make sure not to download anything irregula also make sure you have firewall,anti-virus anything active so you are a little bit protected sorry to go on but this is awsome as well anything the virus does at all will be blocked and you will be notified and you can quarantine it from there :) thanks for readin been usin my virused account for 3 months.

  76. Kelli

    I just tried using the portable version on my infected computer, but I got the “infected file” error and the malware wouldn’t let the program open. What to do now???

  77. Kelli

    I tried using the window of time between computer starting up and spyware loading, but it wasn’t enough time. So I started computer in safe mode, and it seems to be scanning. Keeping my fingers crossed that it finds the fake antivirus prog!!!!

  78. Patrick

    I just want to say thank you for this site it was a major help for me. I went to bestbuy and they said i need to pay $199.99 to get this removed and told all this complited BS about how I could do it by myself but it would take forever. I used your method and I took me a little over and hour thanks alot.

  79. MelG

    I downloaded this onto a memory stick and then ran it on my infected computer. It found alot of infected files and I chose to remove/quarantine them. However, now none of the programs work on my PC. Mozilla, IE,Outlook, Nothing. When I click on them, I just get the ‘Open With’ pop up box. Any ideas???

  80. Sean

    I have exactly the same problem as MelG

    How do I get my programs back!

  81. oki

    same problem as MelG and Sean.. does this mean I have to re-install them all again?

  82. VectorDude

    Problem I’m having is that after I run the Super Anti spyware program which works great removing the trojan. I have to manually end the trojan virus remote access EXE file in the process (task manager window). I noticed as soon a s I try to run regedit.exe or msconfig.exe the virus launches again. I think they added a launch code in the exe files. Tried to replace those files but will not let me. Do you have a solution for this problem.

  83. kka

    I am having the same problem asOKI MelG and Sean. I have run the SSA from portable drive and it detected just 51 problems and then eliminated them but when I rebooted….nothing will open….so I am now trying the safe mode option to see if that will work.

    Did anyone ever figure out a solution to why nothing will open….just get the “open with” box.

    Sorry–not a computer geek but very good at following instructions if someone will provide!!

  84. KrazyKrissToff

    solve ‘open with’ by the following method,

    start in safe mode.

    go to start, run, and type

    type copy “regedit.exe” (with quotes) into the command prompt

    it may or may not give you an error.

    now (in the command prompt) type regedit.exe

    navigate to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT

    In the right pane, double-click the (Default) value.

    “%1” %*

    Type the above like the following characters:


  85. KrazyKrissToff

    Search internet for dougknox. download program and run.
    In the left hand column, click WinXP fixes
    Then in the list that comes up, click File Association fixes
    Then in the next list that appears, click EXE File Association Fix

  86. Me'Chelle

    I had got the win 7 2011 security virus on my laptop and tried everything to remove it, it took total control over my laptop and would not let me do a restart point or hardly anything. until i found your website I must say I was sceptacle at first because i did not want to install more virus on laptop this was the first time doing a cleaner outside of MSE( which the virus disabled). I downloaded the superantispyware to external hard drive and then installed it on the affected laptop to my amaze it found all of the virus and remove it and it is working fine now. just to be on the safe side i ran the same program on my ( what i thought was an unaffected laptop) and found out there are some on that one so im cleaning it also. thank you for your website and information given.

    Can’t live without my laptop

  87. bruno

    thank you so very much! it works, it realy does! I felt I owned you this comment! thank you so much! it takes a bit of time but it works. you’re the best! keep it up!

  88. Wayne

    Why hasn’t Visa M/C or the Justice Dept shut down a known fraud like Win 7 Anti-Virus?

  89. kylerayner

    My computer is currently infected with {win 7 anti-spyware 2011}. I luckily have a web browser or search engine (which ever is proper lingo) that I created with Microsoft Basics it is very simple, and has trouble with many scripted pages (such as pages to download antimalware software). At first the virus destroyed Microsoft Security Essentials, and left it unable to work once I finally managed to open. I have deleted Internet Explorer as is it is hardly usable, and I have redownloaded after deleting Microsoft Security Essentials, and Firefox Microsoft Essentials is working so so (deleted virus w/ quick scan (currently using full scan but 2 slow) supposivly {{{***id use spell check if i could open word (anoying virus!)***}}} about 6 times and quarintined 8 times) Sometimes i can use firefox but it ussually gets closed. Point taken, having a simple homemade search engine web brrowser thingy might save your computer (havent saved it yet!!! ok guys gotta go im gonna restart my computer and attempt to kick some virus butt!!! any more tips please post!!! Im on a mission to sav this computer!

  90. Paco

    I used it for work and it worked like a charm. Best best best Anti malware/crapware etc ever. The fact that uses a random filename, has no installation and comes updates in file its like a life saver. The stupid secretary downloaded this “windows cleaning tool” and the computer almost smoked up and was asking for credit card details. Seriously what is next? the computer will ask for a herpes-free software install? are people this dumb? anyways it suppose it happens to non-geeks.

    Also, I love the fact that these things act as they are anti-malware/spyware or watevers, and then they make up a pretend check up on your system, and then ask you for money for the full version. Wow… this bastards seriously have no life man.

  91. msimmons

    I downloaded, ran the program and it said it removed 51 bad files BUT it didn’t work. When I rebooted it was all still there and when I tried to rerun the program it was blocked:-(

  92. KrazyKrissToff

    Msimmons, did you run it in safe mode? Did you use Rkill? If not try again.If you re-booted and still had the virus, program will be blocked as you only have about a 30 second window before it takes control of computer. Try again and repost if not succesfull.

  93. Michele

    My computer is currently infected with Win 7 anti-spyware 2011. Downloaded the SAS on a flash drive, rebooted to safe mode, ran the SAS tool and it found some ad cookies etc. AND the Trojan.Agent/Gen…, it removed/guaran… all the viruses EXCEPT the Trojan (Win 7 Anti-spyware 2011), ran it a few more times and same thing. What in the world do I do??? Help please…

  94. lemon

    Love, indeed is a must have. Already using it for a few year with Hirens Boot Cd

  95. maryann

    I love this program. I was infected with the xp internet security 2011. I was at a loss to fix my pc, it was locking up in safemode too. Once i ran the superantispyware all the functions worked as before.
    Thank you again for sharing!

  96. julian

    Maybe i missed the answer but my comp wont let me open .exe files. When i try the “open with” box appears. I tried downloading the portable super.. to comp and then copy to flash drive. The problem is superantispyware suppose to change the file name to a .com name or similar. It does not I am not able to find answer on superantispyware forum. Help please!

  97. julian

    Finally i found the answer. ( Infected comp wasn’t downloading the file with the “hidden” name for some reason; tried with clean comp and worked fine)

  98. faisal

    i m worry about Auto run,plz help me,

  99. atwhitsend

    HELP. I have tried to download SAS Portable and I think I have done it, only it is downloading so quickly that I cannot see where it is saving the file. I have looked in temp files, and have done a ‘search’ for the filename (which is a “.com” file) and cannot find the downloaded file. Having this blasted virus is bad enough, but when I can’t find the file I need to try to fix it, I am going nuts! I am doing this on a laptop that (so far) isn’t infected. This is the second time my desktop has had something that basically disabled it. I was able to get rid of the first problem with McAfee, or so I thought. Now, about a month later, something else has infected it: “System Recovery” where it disables Task Manager and boxes keep popping up about a PC hardware problem, critical hard disk drive error, etc. I can’t afford to pay to have this fixed!!!

  100. KrazyKrissToff

    atwitsend The random File name you should look for should be SAS-577E96A3 or similar. Hope this helps, let me know

  101. Mike Stewart

    In user accounts, have guest account that i did not create. Do not have the delete option as in your screen shot, a blank spot where it was. Have been having trouble with librarys seem to be multiplying and adding folders. Settings keep changing to sharing to not want this, do not want anybody in my machine. I’m a newbe, have a website that was hacked and redirected to googlehammer, porn site, the site is through stores online (don’t laugh told you i was new). Have Norton 360, Malwarebytes’ pro 30 day trial and it found something first time used (about 2 weeks ago), nothing since.Settings for screensaver change, when I logon it’s not the screen (theme) that I set, have saved changes does not seem to matter. Files and folders all mixed up and spread around ( have around 1200 products in files). Have learned loads from your site ( kept me afloat, saved my butt). I’m neat freak had everything perfect applying everything I learned it was beautifulllll, all gone now. Help please How do I delete this guest account? Have revo uninstaller with hunter mode, will that do it or no?

    Thanks Loads
    Mike Stewart

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