Friday Fun: First Person Tetris

By Brian Burgess on January 22nd, 2010

Another Friday has arrived and it’s time to waste the work day away playing games online. Today we take a look at First Person Tetris which is a fun way to get back that old school feeling you had playing Tetris on your first 8-bit Nintendo system.

First Person Tetris

The first thing to do is learn the controls, choose the type of music and sound effects, and if you want to play Night Mode (which I don’t recommend you try the first time).


Now it’s time to play the game. Notice the original console, TV, and scenery that brings you back to nostalgic times. It reminds you of the hundreds of wasted hours you spent getting a high score and thinking technology couldn’t possibly get any cooler.


What is quite different about this version though is in the way it plays. You don’t just rotate the blocks, but you rotate the entire screen. What?!?!


It’s a bit hard to get used to at first, but once you regain your equilibrium…it’s fun to play. It makes for quite a unique twist on this game classic.


Then you can also play in Night Mode…which is a unique experience, and some might find it easier without the extra background images.


If you’re a Tetris fan and enjoy playing different takes on the game, this will take you back and test your sanity all at once.

Play First Person Tetris

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  • Published 01/22/10
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