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Make Mouse Navigation Faster in Windows

You might not be a Keyboard Ninja, but would like to be able to navigate through Windows with the mouse more quickly. You can make mouse navigation faster by increasing the pointer speed and using the “Snap To” option  available in XP, Vista, and Windows 7.

To activate these features click on Start then Control Panel and click on the Mouse icon.


In the Mouse Properties window click on the Pointer Options tab. Now increase the pointer speed and check the box next to Enhance pointer precision…this seems to come in really handy with touch pads on laptops. Under “Snap To” check the box next to Automatically move pointer to the default button in a dialog box.


Just keep in mind that with these settings the pointer will move faster on the screen, and will go directly to the default button in a dialog box. If you’re click happy, you might end up clicking “Yes” instead of “No” in some situations. It takes a bit of getting used to, but once you do, you’ll be flying through Windows a lot faster. This is one of the first things I setup when using a new computer.

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  • Published 01/12/10

Comments (4)

  1. Eric

    It would be helpful to have an HowToGeek review of sites that offer large-file transfer services.

  2. Ron M Kolman

    Every now and then my Logitech wireless mouse cursor becomes erratic, makes quick leap by itself, locks-up momentarily, and seems to “stick” on the top of windows. New batteries make no difference, and spraying an anti-static on the mouse pad helps a bit.

    Bottom line, It seems that the cursor is reacting to other things working in the Windows background. My keyboard has a mouse stick attached and it seems unaffected. This is the second wireless mouse that has acted this way in the last year. For the most part, System Idle Process remains 98-99. I have a lot of programs on my system. There are many wireless devices around, but I still buy other processes sucking memory. Thoughts?

  3. roger

    I sometimes find my Trust wireless mouse cursor locking up and have found the only solution is to remove the usb dongle and, after a few moments when the computer acknowledges it’s removal, replace it, whereupon Windows 7 goes through the “installing driver” business, and everything is back to normal.

  4. Metrotek

    I want a huge white arrow for my pointer, really big. Twice the size of the Vista one at least. Anyone know how to do this?

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