Are you looking looking for an “Alt+Tab” replacement that adds functionality, cool eye candy, and isn’t the annoying Windows Flip 3D? Today we take a look at T3Desk, which is a free utility for managing application windows on your desktop.

Using T3Desk

This is a very cool free app that lets you manage applications on your desktop in 3D. You have the ability to to move them around, flip them, zoom in and out, stack on top of each other, control transparency, and more.

From the main menu you can go through and change options, manage how it starts, read FAQ, and more.

To make an application window 3D, right-click on the Minimize button. Here we show Firefox open in its normal 2D look.

Now the 3D window after right-clicking on Minimize.

You can move the 3D application windows around and stack them on top of each other.


Using the scroll wheel on your mouse allows you to zoom in and zoom out on different windows.

Here you can see several windows apps that are open and stacked on top of each other. One the Cakewalk app is maximized a bit, with medium transparency all on top of Internet Explorer.

Hover your mouse pointer over the icon on the taskbar to get a view of everything that is running.

Right-click on the app on the desktop to get the option to restore to full screen, close, or change the T3 Desk options.

It will run on all versions of Windows, but running it on Vista or Windows 7 will allow it to take advantage of Aero. Here is an example of it running on an XP machine.

Right-click on the icon in the Taskbar for a menu to restore all to their 2D state or make them all 3D and access other items.


There are several options you can change to customize the look and feel of T3 Desk. There are also some nice Hot Key combinations for the Keyboard Ninja.


T3 Desk is an fun and interesting way to manage multiple applications on your screen. It’s also more than just eye candy as it can actually be functional in easily increasing productivity. It will run on XP, Vista, and Windows 7 and takes up few system resources. If you’re annoyed by Aero Flip 3D or looking for an Alt+Tab replacement, T3 Desk is worth a try.

Download T3Desk