Are you tired of looking through a jumbled mixture of websites just to find that one website that you previously visited? Now you can view your browser history based on host and date with the History2 extension for Google Chrome.


If you have ever scrolled through your browser’s history looking for a particular website it can get frustrating. Sure, you can view it based on date but it is all mixed together in a jumbled up mess. It would certainly be nicer if it could be organized into “categories” based on host.


You will need to click on “Install” when the confirmation message window appears during the install process…

Once installation is complete you will see your new “History2 Toolbar Button” and an extension management message.

There are no options for you to bother with for the History2 extension…

History2 in Action


Here is what the “Navigation Bar” and the top of the “History2 Page” looks like. At the moment you will only be able to access the last seven days of history.

Note: You can still access the regular “History Page” at the same time.

For our example we chose “All week”…notice how everything is nicely broken down into “expandable categories” to help you find the website that you are looking for so much easier.

Being able to focus on a particular host certainly removes much of the headache and work from finding the websites that you are looking for.

Even better if there were only one or two websites for a particular host…it is certainly a quick job to hunt through that small a number of history entries.


If you are tired of digging through a jumbled listing of websites in your browser’s history just to find one website, then this just might be the perfect history organizer that you have been waiting for.


Download the History2 extension (Google Chrome Extensions)

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