Want an easy way to access, add to, and manage your Google Bookmarks account in Chrome? Now you can with the BoogleMarks extension.


Once you have started the installation process you will see a confirmation message window. You will need to click on “Install” in order to finish adding BoogleMarks to Chrome.

After the extension has finished installing you will see your new “BoogleMarks Toolbar Icon” and a quick message regarding managing the options for the extension.

The only method for accessing the options for BoogleMarks is through the “Chrome Extensions Page”…

These are the options available for BoogleMarks. You can choose the “Folder Divider” what name to use for the “Unlabeled Bookmarks Folder”, the “BoogleMarks Icon Images”, and the “BoogleMarks Folder Images”.

BoogleMarks in Action


The first time that you open the “BoogleMarks Drop-Down Window” it will be blank… Notice that you have three “button-commands” available at the top of the drop-down window.

Clicking on “Reload” will display all of your bookmarks in “Folder Groups” based on the label that you have chosen for your bookmarks.

Note: If you are not signed into your account you will be asked to do so.

Clicking on the “Folder Groups” will expand them as shown here…clicking on individual bookmarks will open that URL in a new tab. To collapse the “Folder Groups” simply click on them.

Note: Each time that you re-open the drop-down window your bookmarks will have “auto-collapsed” to make browsing through them easier.

Clicking on “Manage Bookmarks” in the drop-down window will open your Google Bookmarks account in a new tab.


Clicking on “Add Bookmark” in the drop-down window will open an “Add a bookmark Tab” so that you can enter all of the relevant details for your new bookmark.


If you have been wanting a great way to access your Google Bookmarks account while browsing in Chrome then you should really give this extension a try. Using and managing your bookmarks collection will be so easy and convenient now.


Download the BoogleMarks extension (Google Chrome Extensions)

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