Have you been waiting to get Firefox’s Auto-Paging extension goodness in Google Chrome? Well your wait is over. Now you can enjoy skipping those Next Buttons with the AutoPager Chrome extension.


Usually if you are browsing you often run into those lovely little “Numbers” or “Next Buttons” at the bottom of webpages. And if you are like most people that is just irritating! You want to browse not waste all of your time “clicking numbers or next buttons”… Time to fix that problem.


Once you start installing the extension you will have to click on “Install” in the confirmation message window to finish adding it to Chrome.

Once the installation has finished you will have a new tab open with the homepage for the extension. Notice the link for the forums at the top of the page and the download links for Stable/Dev releases in Stable and Lite versions.

If you need to access the options you will have to use the “Chrome Extensions Page”.


At the moment there are few options available…mainly enabling or disabling the extension and updating/importing.

AutoPager Chrome in Action

Here is our same search from earlier…certainly no need to click on numbers or text to access the next page now.

Still looking good at the break between pages 14 and 15…

Even here at the HTG site the browsing is oh so smooth.


If you are tired of not having auto-paging capabilities in Google Chrome then you will really want to add this extension to your browser. This is definitely a recommended install.


Download the AutoPager Chrome extension (Google Chrome Extensions)

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