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Manage Your E-mail in Google Chrome the Easy Way

Are you looking for an easy way to be notified of new e-mails and access/manage your account? Then you will definitely want to take a look at the Google Mail Checker Plus extension.


When the confirmation message window appears you will need to click “Install” to finish adding the extension to Chrome.


After the installation has been completed you will see your new “Google Mail Checker Plus Toolbar Icon” and a page showing the changelog for the extension.


Before using the extension you should take a quick look through the options to see if you want (or need) to tweak the settings to make Google Mail Checker Plus work the best for your personal needs. There are two methods for accessing the options…the first is through the “Preview Window” (small wrench icon in upper right corner)…


And the second is through the “Chrome Extensions Page”.


These are the options that are available. You can choose an icon set that will match up the best with your current theme, modify the “Preview Window” setting, activate various settings (such as Hiding unread e-mail count, Open compose in tab, & Check all folders for unread mail), choose the “Polling interval”, and/or add domains for your Google Apps accounts.

Note: The icon sets can serve as a visual cue for the current state of your e-mail account if you choose to “Hide the unread mail count” (one color for no unread e-mails, another for unread e-mails, etc.).


If you are curious about any of the settings simply hover your mouse over the “Question Mark Symbol” and you will see a popup explaining that particular setting.


Google Mail Checker Plus in Action

Any time that you have unread e-mails you will see a small attached number and specific icon color for the “Toolbar Icon”…


Clicking on the “Toolbar Icon” will open the “Preview Window”. You will be able to see the sender, subject and a preview of the e-mail itself nicely divided by small “Control Bars” for each individual e-mail. Notice that you can directly “Delete, Mark as Spam, Archive, and/or Mark as Read” displayed e-mails. If you would like to “Reply” to an e-mail use the small icon underneath “Read”.

The icons across the top of the “Control Bar” are as follows: Label, Compose New E-mail, Refresh, and Options.


Clicking on the subject will open your e-mail in a new tab…


And display it the same as you would normally see it if directly accessing your account.


If you click on “Reply” (or “Compose New E-mail”) in the “Preview Window”, a focused “Composing Window” will open in a new tab.

Note: Opening in a new tab will need to be selected in the Options otherwise both will open in a separate window.



If you have been wanting a nice way to keep up with your e-mail account throughout the day, then this is an extension well worth taking a look at.


Download the Google Mail Checker Plus extension (Google Chrome Extensions)

Akemi Iwaya is a devoted Mozilla Firefox user who enjoys working with multiple browsers and occasionally dabbling with Linux. She also loves reading fantasy and sci-fi stories as well as playing "old school" role-playing games. You can visit her on Twitter and .

  • Published 01/26/10

Comments (10)

  1. Sean

    I do enjoy this extension, but I would love a feature that allows you to move an email to a specific folder without having to open your inbox in a new tab.

  2. damiththa

    I’ve been using a chrome extension called, One Number,

    what I greatly like about One number is not only it checks Gmail, but also checks all other google services(voice, wave, reader)

  3. Steve39

    If I use Google Mail and Google Mail Checker Plus, will I be able to have my mail that has been addressed to me sent to me this way as a replacement for MS Outlook? Will my old emails that are stored in MS Outlook be accessible to me? IS this only for GMail?

    Sorry for the naive question.

  4. Dresandreal Sprinklehorn

    That all sounds great. But Chrome has more issues with Gmail than all of the other browsers combined. Firefox is the only browser that works really well with Gmail. When typing an email and Gmail auto-saves Internet Explorer loses focus in the email body and you have to click on the body to resume typing.

    I was one of the original beta testers of Gmail. I have always used Firefox and have never had one single problem with Gmail.

  5. Asian Angel

    @Steve39 – This is an “e-mail notifier app” for Chrome with nice convenient built-in functionality for your Gmail account…but definitely not an Outlook replacement. ^__^

  6. chenyze

    Hey! A little off-topic, but you’re from Singapore? Sorry was just a bit impressed cuz I didn’t know there were Singaporean writers on these tech blogs (=

  7. Keshet Yashua Israel


    Does anyone know how to use Yahoo mail client as my default mail client? Or is this functionality left out as part of “Enemy Procedures”? — JesusFish <

  8. Tomas


    I am thinking about of using the Chrome instead of Opera. The only thing is, why I didnt change the browser, is because Chrome´s Mail client supports only the gmail server. Is there a chance, that Chrome will have an independent mail client?

  9. Dave Osborne

    Two days ago I lost the connection to google mail from google chrome completely. The web address I have used for years on the task bar http//$inbox now returns this web page is down or has moved to another location. I can get to google mail from internet explorer but then I first get a message that the security for this server is not valid then after accepting that this is a risk, a messages saying I should upgrade from XP to windows 7 which I definitely do not want to do.

    Is there a new link to googlemail from googlechrome and how do I install it?

  10. Asian Angel

    Dave Osborne – The best place to get help for you question would be in our friendly forums which can be found here. ^_^

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