Do you need an easy way to view the Flash Cookies on your computer? See how easy it is not only to view those cookies but manage and/or remove them with Flash Cookies View.

Using Flash Cookies View

The program comes in a zip file and is portable. Simply unzip the three files within, place them within a “Program Files Folder”, and create a shortcut. All ready to go…

As soon as your start the program you will see a listing of all the flash cookies located on your system. You can see the “URL, Filename, Time Created/Modified, File Size, & File Path” for each one. There are two display modes for flash cookies (lower half of program window). The first is “Cookie Values”…

And the second is “Hex Dump”.

If you prefer you can even change the “Base Folder” for flash cookies on your system.

Viewing the “Properties” for a cookie will bring up a small window with the same details shown in the main window but with a more focused format.


If there is a particular flash cookie that you want to remove highlight it, right click, and select “Delete Selected Cookie Files”. Goodbye flash cookie… This could definitely be a very quick and easy way to keep all of the flash cookies cleaned off of your system.


Flash Cookies View is a small simple program that will let you easily view and manage the flash cookies on your computer.


Download Flash Cookies View (Portable Format)

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