Do you want an easy way to view your RSS Feeds throughout the day while you work? Then join us as we take a look at the GReader Popup extension for Firefox.

Update: Our readers have let us know that the NoScript extension interferes with and will stop GReader Popup from working correctly.


Viewing your RSS Feeds usually requires either having a separate tab/window open or using an external software. It would certainly be nicer (and a lot more convenient) if you could accomplish the same thing with a “there when you need it and gone when you do not” popup window.


After you have installed the extension you will need to make certain that your “Status Bar” is visible so that you can access the “Popup Window”. This is what the “Status Bar Icon”  for the extension looks like…click on it to open GReader and click on it again to close it. Definitely easy access…

Note: For those who prefer keyboard shortcuts you may also open the “Popup Window” using “Ctrl + .” (Ctrl + Dot/Period).


If you are like most people then you like to keep up with your RSS subscriptions throughout the day. Perhaps you are excited about a software release or major update that is happening sometime during the day. You still need to get your work done but it sure would be nice to take occasional “quick peeks” to see if there are any fresh news articles about it available. For our example we decided to take a “quick peek” while sorting through some e-mail…

It took only a moment for the the “GReader Popup Window” to appear after clicking on the “Status Bar Icon”. As you can see there are no differences in what you see here versus a regular tab/window. The “shaded border” certainly helps to “tone down” any background distractions and lets you focus on that important reading.

Note: You can resize the “Popup Window” by grabbing the lower right corner and expanding it to the desired size.

Scrolling through those news feeds is so quick and easy…


The only option for the extension is the ability to modify the “Popup URL”.


If you love periodically checking your GReader RSS Feeds throughout the day then the GReader Popup extension can provide a very convenient way to do it.


Download the GReader Popup extension (Mozilla Add-ons)

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