Are you looking for the ability to do more than just copy formatted text (and images) in a webpage? Now you can easily copy the same areas as plain text or see the underlying html code with the Extended Copy Menu extension for Firefox.

Note: There is an Internet Explorer version available at the extension homepage.


Usually when you select text and images in a webpage you only have one choice for copying both…which means getting all that “wonderful” formatting along with them.

And when you paste it you either have to “run” it through Notepad first to remove the formatting, paste as special, or simply accept the formatting. There has to be a better way…


Once you have installed the extension you are ready to go…there are no options that you have to bother with. As you can see here you get two additional “Context Menu Listings”. The first allows you to strip out all of the formatting immediately…


Leaving you with nice simple plain text ready for you to format and work with as you desire.

Or the second listing which does more than you may think…when you select “Copy as Html” you get…

The underlying html code along with all of the text. Not bad at all…especially if you were curious about the coding used to produce a certain look or style in a webpage. Now you can see just how it was done and incorporate it into your own website…


If you have wanted to enhance the “Copy Function” in Firefox then this just might be the extension that you have been waiting for.


Download the Extended Copy Menu extension (Mozilla Add-ons)

Download the Extended Copy Menu extension (Extension Homepage

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