Have you been wanting Firefox’s “Flagfox Extension” goodness in Google Chrome? Now you can get it with the Chrome Flags extension.


During the installation process you will see the following message window asking for confirmation about installing the extension. Click “Install” to add Chrome Flags to Chrome.

After the installation has finished you will be presented with this tab (instead of a small pop-up message window) that provides information about Chrome Flags…

Here is a closer look at the information that Chrome Flags provides for websites.

Checking the “Chrome Extensions Page” shows that there are no options for you to worry with.

Chrome Flags in Action


As soon as you visit a website you will notice the small flag icon at the right end of the “Address Bar” showing you where that website’s server is located.

To access information about the website that you are viewing simply click (left and right both work) on the flag icon. A drop-down window will open showing the country where server is located, the IP address, and a set of clickable links for more detailed/specific information. Notice that you can also view information from WOT and McAfee SiteAdvisor for the website.

For our example we chose two of the additional information source links to look at. Here you can see the McAfee SiteAdvisor listing…

And the Google Trends information for the How-To Geek website. Definitely nice…


If you have been wanting that “Flagfox” goodness in Google Chrome then your wait is over. This is definitely an extension that you should add to your Chrome installation.


Download the Chrome Flags extension (Google Chrome Extensions)

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