Do you want a quicker way to access Chrome’s special pages (instead of using the menus or typing in the special URLs)? Now you can access them easily using a single button with the Chrome Page extension.


You will see a confirmation message window during the installation process…simply click “Install” to finish adding Chrome Page to your browser.

Once installation is complete you will see your new “Toolbar Button” and a quick message about managing your extensions.

As you can see there are no options that you have to bother with for the extension… Nothing but click-and-go goodness.

Chrome Page in Action

To get started viewing any of Chrome’s special pages simply click on the “Toolbar Button” and select the desired page from the list.

A close-up view of the drop-down menu.


Here are some samples of the special pages that you can access with the drop-down menu. With the “Chrome Version Page” you can check to see which version of “Chrome, Webkit, & V8” that you are using and see the User Agent.

View all of the installed plug-ins on the “Plugin Page”…

You can easily access/view the contents of the cache with the “Cache Page”.

Curious about memory usage at any particular moment? View memory stats quickly in the “Memory Page”.

View histograms easily in the “Histograms Page”…

And just for fun you can even simulate a crash!


If you have been wanting a quick and easy way to access Chrome’s special pages without using the menus or memorizing the special URLs for them, then you are definitely going to want this extension added to your browser.


Download the Chrome Page extension (Google Chrome Extensions)

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