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How To Run 4 Different Google Searches at Once In the Same Tab

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When doing research online, it’s common to have multiple searches running at the same time. Clicking between tabs for multiple searches can be annoying, and easy to loose track of where you’re at. Today we take a look at which lets you run four Google searches in the same tab.


Yes, that is really what the site is called…try saying it fast a few times. When you go to the page you will have four different Googles where you can begin searches in each.


There are a few different things you can do with each window. Click on the green arrow to go to a different site…


Easily pull up Wikipedia to have that open while you’re searching results, and you can also click back to Google.


There is a menu list in the lower left corner that allows you to restore closed Googles, change their layout, and points to a list of other Google sites.


You can close out of one or more of the windows as well to get a better view of a page.


For this example in Firefox, I’m running a Google search, checking out image results from a different search, catching up with sports headlines, and checking out a Wikipedia page all at once.


If you’re looking for a way to keep more organized while doing research, this site can come in very handy.


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  • Published 12/28/09

Comments (11)

  1. TJB

    That’s fun, i like a Firefox extention called Split Browser that is similar, but a bit more generic. Hope this helps & Thanx

  2. genericjanedoe

    This is such a useful great little site – thanks so much for posting it! I can see how handy this is going to be for me and saves me opening a ton of tabs in Firefox. However, I keep getting an error message pop up everytime I enter a search or click on a link from a search result “Error: Permission denied for to get property Window.document from .”

    I’ve googled (!) this, but am not getting any results. Anyone else with the same problem?

  3. genericjanedoe

    Actually just been checking out this error on a couple of sites and found this statement referring to the Window.document in the Mozilla Developer Centre:

    “Firefox 3 alters the security for windows’ documents so that only the domain from which it was located can access the document. While this may break some existing sites, it’s a move made by both Firefox 3 and Internet Explorer 7, and results in improved security.”

  4. Akshay

    This is a great link…this has made my day….anyother great links or tips please

  5. vistamike

    I like it and it works, I had to reboot a couple of times to get the screen resolution; enable ‘open in new window’ and you have quite a powerful utility.


  6. Navjot

    or you could go to from each of the four windows and keep doing it until you crash your browser!

  7. Navjot

    one improvement that they need is a back button

  8. Doctor

    Yes @ Navjot I’ve none about this for a while now and It would be useful for one :)

  9. rafid hanna

    thank you .. great !!

  10. Vaibhav


  11. banjit singh

    hi your so coool and ur so right it does work and can u add me on facebook u seem so cool and comme visit my shop i give u discounts shalabub

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