Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) is the free anti-malware utility of choice here at How-To Geek because it is light on system resources and effective. Here we have a quick tip which will allow your MSE scans to execute more quickly by excluding certain file types.

Exclude File Types

Open MSE and click on the Settings Tab. Then on the left hand list select Excluded file types then add the file formats to exclude from the scan. Multimedia files are a good place to start with if you know yours are not infected with any goofy malware. For example, I have 12GB worth of drum loops that I used for home recording, it’s just a waste of time for MSE to scan those files every time. You can type in specific files and their extension or use the wildcard (*) character and the extension to exclude all files types. Shown in the following examples.

    • *.MP3
    • *.AVI
    • *.FLAC

Keep in mind that by using the wildcard, it applies to ALL of those file types. So, I would just stick with certain media file types that you know aren’t infected.

If you download media files from less than reputable sites, you may want to scan them to make sure they are malware free. To do that, just right-click the file and select Scan from the context menu.

Using these tips you’ll be able to save time during malware scans, and have more time for your TPS Reports.