The Windows Live SkyDrive service is nice for storage and for sharing documents, but it can be annoying to always have a browser open to access it. Today we take a look at a free utility that lets you access your SkyDrive from Windows Explorer.

SkyDrive Explorer

After installing SkyDrive Explorer…go into My Computer and you’ll see the drive listed.

To access the drive you’ll need to sign into your Windows Live account.

Now you should see all of the folders and files you have created and stored in your SkyDrive.

You aren’t able to open files directly from SkyDrive Explorer, but you can copy, delete, and rename them. Before deleting an item, you’ll get a confirmation dialog box making sure you want to permanently delete it from the SkyDrive.

Creating a new folder in your SkyDrive.

Another handy feature is being able to copy the URL to a shared document on your SkyDrive so you can easily point other users to it.

It allows you to simply drag and drop documents from your computer into the SkyDrive…

And you can drag files from your SkyDrive to your desktop.


From the toolbar you can sign out of your SkyDrive.

It’s available in several different languages.



SkyDrive Explorer lets you easily access your SkyDrive as you would any other drive connected to your PC. Unfortunately Microsoft still  limits an individual file size of 50MB per upload. If you’re looking for something to store large media files, SkyDrive isn’t the best choice. For smaller files and documents, SkyDrive Explorer works great for storage, access, and collaborations. It will work on XP, Vista, 2003, 2008, and Windows 7. If you use your Windows Live SkyDrive to store and share documents, this handy Windows Explorer extension will make the process much easier.

Download SkyDrive Explorer