Do you spend your time trying to find ways to use your PC to actually get things done? Productive Geek is the newest addition to the How-To Geek network, where we focus on helping you use your computer more effectively, with a discussion board dedicated to geeky productivity.

Wait, Isn’t that what Lifehacker is For?

If that’s what you were thinking when you read the announcement, you’re absolutely right—Lifehacker is the king of helping you get things done with geeky downloads, news, and tips, but there’s just no place there for geeks to really get into a more involved discussion about any subject that you’d like to bring up.

This site is our attempt to provide a great place for you to do just that, and bring some of the How-To Geek network benefits to the table—we’ve already got an active group of readers that use How-To Geek to learn about how-to topics, and I hope this can be a place for some of you to discuss how you really use your PC for actual work.

How Do I Get Started?

Just head over to Productive Geek, create an account, and then start the discussion.

At the very least, make sure to subscribe to the RSS feed since we’ll be publishing the very best tips from the forum, and also adding some original posts as well.

The First Productive Geek Article


Since we’re just launching the site today, there’s only a single article on the site, but it’s an interesting look behind the scenes at how to stay motivated and organized while writing for How-To Geek.

The How-To Geek Guide to Staying Productive as a Tech Writer

Note: We’re Still in Beta

Just like virtually everything else online, we’re in beta, so there might still be some bugs while we work it all out. Feel free to complain, just try and be nice about it =)

Interesting Forum Threads

We’ve already got a few forum threads started that will give you some idea of the types of content you might expect, though you are welcome to discuss whatever other topic you wish.

So what are you waiting for? Head over to Productive Geek and let’s talk about how to get things done, the geeky way.

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