How To Disable Javascript in Adobe Reader and Patch the Latest Massive Security Hole

Once again, Adobe has confirmed a gigantic security hole in their buggy, bloated, and completely insecure Adobe PDF Reader application. This isn’t the first time, either—it’s like a non-stop barrage of security holes from Adobe products.

There’s also no antivirus application checking for this security hole, so don’t think you’re safe yet… the latest hole requires disabling Javascript in Adobe Reader, and to do that, you’ll need to head into Edit –> Preferences, and then find the JavaScript category on the left-hand side.


Once you are there, you can disable JavaScript by simply unchecking the “Enable Acrobat JavaScript” box. This setting is probably safer in general, though it will slightly limit functionality.


You can also fix the security hole by completely uninstalling Adobe Reader and using an alternative—something like Sumatra PDF, my personal favorite lightweight PDF reader.

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