With the multitude of social networks and IM services out there, it can be frustrating trying to keep track of them all. Today we take a look at the Yoono desktop application which lets you keep track of your social networks and instant messages from one central place.

Note: The desktop application is still in beta phase so you may experience a few bugs, but overall in our tests, it was stable.


Installation is straight forward, quick and easy. After installation you’ll have a list of different social network and IM services to choose from.

A second screen is displayed where you sign into your account, in this example it’s Facebook.

Each service will give you different messages letting you know you’re connected through Yoono. In this example of Twitter, now you can update your microblogs, reply to other users, share links and more.


Creating a Yoono account is as simple as choosing a username, password, and entering in your email account. Signing up for a Yoono account enables simple setup across multiple computers.

In this example you get an idea of how it works and what it looks like. Type in the message you want to share, then choose which of the social networks you want to share it and hit the Update button.

There is a small red icon next to each network that shows the amount of new messages or updates. You can also do a real-time social web search from the top bar.

It opens up results from the OneRiot Beta real-time search engine. It crawls links people share on Twitter, Digg, MySpace and others to bring you socially relevant content. 

You can easily add a new social network or IM service to it at any time after the initial setup.

There are some different options you can select to change the way your notified and what displays in the notification area.


For each new message, tweet, or IM…a notification shows up so you can stay up to date on what’s going on in real-time. It can be quite distracting though, so if you’re trying to get work done, it’s probably a good idea to turn it off.

The Yoono icon sits in the notification area and you can right click on it to add a new social network, change options, or close the app.

The cool thing about Yoono is it didn’t try to install any crapware like some similar apps try to do (Digsby comes to mind). We ran our test on a Windows 7 (32-bit) machine and it should work fine with XP (SP2), Vista, and they also have a version for Mac OS X. If you’re looking for an easy to use free app that keeps your social online network together in one central place on your desktop, it’s worth trying out the Yoono Desktop application.

Download Yoono Desktop Beta for Windows or Mac OS X

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