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Remove Shutdown and Restart Buttons In Windows 7

Sometimes you might have a shared computer where you don’t want the users to be able to do a Shutdown or Restart. Today we take a look at using Local Group Policy Editor to remove those buttons from the Start Menu in Windows 7.

Note: This process uses Local Group Policy Editor which is not available in Starter or Home versions of Windows 7.


Disable Shutdown, Restart, Sleep, and Hibernate Buttons

To open Local Group Policy Editor, click on Start and type in gpedit.msc and hit Enter.


In Local Group Policy Editor navigate to User Configuration \ Administrative Templates \ Start Menu and Taskbar and double click on Remove and prevent access to the Shut Down, Restart, Sleep, and Hibernate commands.


Now you want to enable this setting and click Apply and Ok. You can leave a note to yourself in the comment box, which I find comes in handy when changing a lot of settings in Group Policy.


Now when you look at the Power options in the Start Menu, the only options available are Log off, Switch user, and Lock.


The setting goes into effect right away for all users of the machine. The button to turn off the computer if the user hits Ctrl+Alt+Del will be gone as well.

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  • Published 12/15/09

Comments (16)

  1. Nick

    How would you shut down the computer when it needs to be shut down?

  2. rabuksak

    Is there a way to have only ‘shutdown’ and ‘restart’ instead?

  3. Richard

    Is pulling the plug the only way to shutdown?

  4. MarkS

    in command prompt type:
    shutdown -R
    to restart

    shutdown -S
    to shut down

  5. kake

    I can’t find the gpedit.msc in Windows 7 Home Premium… I need help!

  6. Mysticgeek

    @kake: There is no gpedit.msc in Home Premium…you need Professional or above… we make note of that at the beginning of the article…

    Note: This process uses Local Group Policy Editor which is not available in Starter or Home versions of Windows 7.

  7. nick

    How do you disable these buttons for specific users/groups. I want the admins to be able to see these buttons, but nobody else.

  8. hlr

    I have exactly the same requirement as Nick …. I want the Shutdown button disabled for ALL users EXCEPT the Admin user …. anyone?

  9. Dom

    Same here; how do you enable for some users but not others.

  10. Dom

    Goy it; configure @ a local policies level (user rights assignment / shut down the system).

  11. richard n

    If you click start and log off. You then have the red power button. When you click the arrow next to it, all the standard power options are there.

  12. izer

    i dont have the option to go into gpedit.msc on my version of windows 7 to fix this problem, i dont know how it happened but now i have to log off then shut down? is there any way of changing this?

  13. jada

    wow we must have the same virus. Mine were disabled; i dont know how. how can it be changed back without group policy editor?

  14. jada

    I fixed it using the registry this tutorial:
    to get the buttons back there was already a values named no close i changed it to 0 from 1

  15. hiker ed

    The settings found in “Local Group Policy Editor – User Configuration \ Administrative Templates \ Start Menu and Taskbar” where you say to double click on “Remove and prevent access to the Shut Down, Restart, Sleep, and Hibernate commands” are already “Not Configured”. I tried to enable, disable and reset to not configured but the result was the same – all I have available is Log off, disconnect and lock. These are all new Dell Optiplex boxes. I talked to MS and they stated that 7 is there best and most complicated OS. Often requiring changes in multiple areas to enable or disable a feature. They offered to show me how to fix this and several other issues such as why System Folders with drive letters C, D, E, G appear under Computer and are pointing to a networked XP Pro box. And why sharing is so complicated. They stated that this was all part of the design to increase security. I guess this is accomplished through difficulty, knowledge and time. Oh, and the support is fee based of course.

  16. x3geek

    for vista/7 users can type:

    “shutdown /r /t 0” restart in 0 seconds
    “shutdown /s /t 0” shutdown in 0 seconds

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