It can be annoying having to launch Task Manager or Resource Monitor every time you just need to monitor the usage of the machine’s CPU or Memory. Today we take a look at a few cool apps that live in the Taskbar and let you easily monitor resource usage.

Taskbar Meters

These handy monitors show up in your Taskbar and show the amount of resources being used. There are three meters for CPU utilization, Memory usage, and Disk IO.

You can configure the Update frequency and percentage of Red and Yellow states for each monitor. The CPU Meter shows the amount of processing power your computing tasks are taking up.


Memory Meter shows the amount of memory that is being used by the apps you’re running.

Disk I/O Meter measures the transfer of data from your hard drive to and from applications.


Right-click on a meter to get fast access to Task Manager and Resource Monitor. That allows you to get more detail on what’s taking up so many resources, and let’s kill the task or process.

Taskbar Meters are simple to use and don’t require installation, so you can carry them around on your flash drive to monitor different computers. The meters come in a zipped file and you can run them individually or together. They worked successfully on 32 & 64-bit versions of Windows 7. If you need a quick and easy way to keep track of these three vital system components, Task Meters will work great.

Download Taskbar Meters from CodePlex

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