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How to Make Google Chrome Your Default Browser

A reader wrote in today asking how to make Google Chrome the default browser in Windows 7 or Vista, because it doesn’t show up in the Default Programs list under Control Panel.

It’s really simple! Just head into the Google Chrome Options panel, and then click the big button at the bottom.


Yep, it was that simple.

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  • Published 12/6/09

Comments (15)

  1. ColinG

    …why would you want to?

  2. calebstein

    @ColinG: I agree with you fully.

  3. The Geek

    It’s always nice to come back to an article and see such useful, helpful comments.

    Google Chrome is an excellent browser.

  4. Shail

    @ Above Two
    Well Chrome is the fastest I guess…

  5. 216

    ya i use FF the most, but Chrome is my default cuz of its quickness/simplicity (so if other apps open a browser they open chrome not ff)

  6. steve

    chrome by far the fastest and most stable

  7. nXqd

    most stable > I’m not sure :|
    But it’s really the fastest and it “eat” huge ram :|

  8. gots2chrome

    i have a suggestion for a future article. i have both google chrome AND Chrome plus, i want to make chrome plus my default browser and even checked the box to do so but still all apps and windows open google Chrome. is there any way to fix that?

  9. Roberto1

    I’ve tried Chrome again and it really does seem much faster than Firefox (though that might be something to do with my FF add-ons.)
    I probably would make Chrome my default browser but the adverts on web sites that I visit frequently distract me too much when I can’t swat them with Adblock plus.

  10. bronco245

    Chrome portable version is my default browser and Eudora portable version 8.0.0b 1 is my default email client. When I click on an email link in Eudora it opens a new instance of Chrome that doesn’t have my bookmarks and other Chrome settings instead of opening a new tab in the instance of Chrome that is already running. Is there any way to fix this?

  11. dlight

    I have the same problem. I am using Iron portable.
    I have the icon in my start menu that the system created called “Internet”
    and I have the shortcut I created for Iron with extensions enabled.

    When they run, they are like two different installations. Bookmarks and settings don’t match up, and extensions don’t work.

    Someone know if there is a registry setting that needs tweaking to make the system default browser point to the shortcut that has the additional settings?

  12. dlight

    I found someone posted this link in the forums:

    Good information I hope. I have not played with it yet….
    Hmm… seems that there are still two installations of Iron Portable in my configurations.

    If anyone figures this out, I would appreciate insight!

    Peace and Blessings!
    Believe in Miracles!

  13. Tim

    Woops, just saw i posted it in dutch,
    so ill translate it :D
    So i’ve downloaded google chrome plus, and also set it as default browser.
    but when for example i click a link in an email, it is opened in the normal google chrome browser, so not the Plus version.
    does anyone have the same problem??

  14. Louis

    yep, same problem here with chromeplus

  15. kzinti1

    The Geek: “It’s always nice to come back to an article and see such useful, helpful comments.

    Google Chrome is an excellent browser.”

    You have to expect this when you, as a fan, are a majority of one.
    I, too, agree that some useful, helpful comments would be made. Since there are none to be had about
    Chrome, how about something good for iGoogle?
    You took a poll asking about our favorite browsers. Where are the results?

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