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Make Google Chrome Open with Pinned Tabs

Do you like using the new pinned tabs feature in Chrome and want to make it permanent? Then all that you need is a little command switch magic and a list of your favorite websites.

UPDATE: Google Chrome now has the feature built-in by default.  Just right-click on the tab and select “Pin Tab”….the next time that you open Chrome those same tabs will reopen with your browser.


Normally you have to use the “Tab Context Menu” to create pinned tabs in Chrome then repeat the same actions again the next time that you open the browser. Doing so once in a while is ok but not if you have to do it every time…


Setting Up Permanent Tabs

To get started you will need to locate and right click on your shortcut(s) for Google Chrome. Select “Properties”.


Once you have clicked through, you will see the “Properties” window with the “Shortcut” tab displayed. Now you are ready to modify the “Target Path”.


There will be two parts to this…

In the address area for “Target:” you will need to add the following command to the end of the target path making certain to leave a single space in between the final quote mark and the “pinned tab count command”. Enter the number of permanent pinned tabs that you would like to have in place of the “x”…for our example we chose “5”.


It should look like this…


Now for the second part. You will need to add the URL for each website that you would like to have as a permanently pinned tab after the “pinned tab count command”. Make certain to leave a single space in between each URL and the “pinned tab count command” as shown below.


Once you have that finished, click “Apply”, then “OK”.


Once you start Chrome (and each time thereafter) you will have a very nice set of permanently pinned tabs ready to go.


Accessing the “Tab Context Menu” you can still temporarily turn the permanent tabs back into “normal ones” by clicking on “Pin tab Command” to “deselect” it. You will also be able to close the tabs in the normal fashion if you do not need them at the moment.



If you love using pinned tabs in Google Chrome and have been wanting to make them permanent, then you should definitely give this a try.

Akemi Iwaya is a devoted Mozilla Firefox user who enjoys working with multiple browsers and occasionally dabbling with Linux. She also loves reading fantasy and sci-fi stories as well as playing "old school" role-playing games. You can visit her on Twitter and .

  • Published 12/7/09

Comments (26)

  1. Bob Fichtner

    Did you know you can pin the first tab, then open more tabs, then drag those tabs before the first and they will pin themselves?

  2. brand

    thanks for the tip, any idea where I can get that chrome theme? doesnt look like the windows 7 default one.

  3. Asian Angel

    @brand – That is the “Minimal Theme” from the Google Chrome Themes Gallery:

  4. Sasa

    This doesn’t seems to work for me. WinXP/Chrome dev ( rel 34046)

  5. gee

    I get the same effect by choosing to reopen tabs at startup. All my pinned tabs are retained during startup.

  6. SnyderXC

    I’ve found that the easiest way to do this is to set the tabs that you want to open pinned to open on start up. If you have more in that list than you have set to open pinned, then the last ones won’t be pinned.

  7. Christopher Wulff

    You don’t need to enter the web addresses into the shortcut target if you already have them set as the tabs to open when you open chrome. All you need is the number that you want pinned.

  8. Josh

    any idea how to make it select my last tab open on startup

    so i would have say

    gmail – pinned
    google docs – pinned
    google calendar – pinned
    google home – unpinned and selected

  9. alexudal

    Great work, AA!
    Any ideas of how to:
    — add a (left) permanent panel with scrollable bookmarks,
    — ascribe sounds to actions 1) follow the link, 2) page downloaded, 3) error (site is unreachable, connection lost, etc.);
    — embed the BitMeter-type indicator into a Chrome skin

    Thank you

  10. Kurt

    This doesn’t work in localized versions, I think. Mine (Norwegian) does not have an option to pin tabs, and there are no quote marks in the target path. It doesn’t work :(

  11. Anupum

    The better way of doing this is pin the tabs you want, then go to setting>options and then click on “reopen the tabs that were last open” and save. I don’t get why do you have to do all this.

  12. Mukhtarz


    This is not working for me. Im using Google chrome on win XP.

  13. zeppelin222

    Is there any way to do this on a Mac?

  14. Xhi

    This procedure was temporary and no longer is included in the latest Google Chrome. Perhaps you should indicate that.

  15. ariane

    it just doesn’t work anymore. does anyone know why? it was working here untill last week.

  16. Tim

    This is outdated, and won’t work with Chrome 5. The latest update to chrome broke this feature. Anyone know a work around?

  17. Arxleol

    Could you update this to work with the latest version of chrome? Thanks.

  18. Anthony

    I agree. I’d love updated instructions.

  19. Asian Angel

    @Everyone – Chrome has the feature built-in now by default. ^_^ Just right-click on the tab and select “Pin Tab”. ^_^

  20. coolboy2232

    THX! :) soo good It’s updated!

  21. jim

    wonder if you can do something similar in linux. i have many pinned tabs i’d like to auto open when opening chrome.

  22. Asian Angel

    @jim – Any tabs that you pin during a browsing session should open automatically the next time you open your browser. ^_^

  23. AJ

    I have a pinned tab for the entanglement game on this computer that’s so persistent it shows up every time chrome is opened, no matter how many times it gets unpinned. That’s a sweet-awesome feature!

  24. heyredpa

    Asian Angel….None of my permanent tabs open automatically. Could it because I am the second user?

  25. Asian Angel

    @heyredpa – Could you clarify more about your being the second user? Another thing that might have happened is that this is a glitch/bug… Did this start up right after an update to a new version?

  26. ThisMakesNoSense

    Why not provide a FavIcon ‘tab’ feature? Every other browser allows you to manipulate the default width of the tab – pin-tabs are similar, but I don’t want the pin-tab functionality – I just want every tab to be the size of the FavIcon.


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