Do you get easily distracted at times while writing and need a way to help yourself stay focused? Then perhaps WriteMonkey is just what you have been looking for.

Note: Requires .Net Framework 3.5+.


When you download WriteMonkey you will need to unzip the following components, add them to a “Program Files” folder, and create a shortcut to the “WriteMonkey.exe” file. Ready for distraction free writing?

WriteMonkey in Action

When you start WriteMonkey up each time it will totally blank out the entire screen leaving you with just your writing to focus on. As you can see here your writing area is “outlined” at the four corners with small “dash-like” symbols. The width of the writing area (along with line spacing, margins, etc.) can be easily adjusted in the options if desired.

You can also run WriteMonkey in a regular sized window if you need to switch back and forth between your writing and other tasks.

Prefer the more traditional word processing color scheme? You can personalize the colors and font used to best suit your needs or simply indulge in setting up a fun and creative theme.


If you are the adventurous type you can even use the “Try luck” feature that will generate a random color scheme for you.

If you need to access the menu system while in full-screen mode all that you need to do is right click anywhere within the screen.

Here is a closer look at the menu…

Whenever you are finished writing and go to save your work, it will be saved as a “.txt” file. At this time “.txt” is the only file format that WriteMonkey works with. Notice that the file name has a “wm_” prefix attached to it…


WriteMonkey may not be the most advanced word processor that you will ever use but it does one thing and does it very well…it helps get you focused so that you can get your writing done without distractions from other apps.


Download WriteMonkey (version (V 2.7 as of 4/2016)

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