Are you looking for a way to have an on-demand To-Do List available while browsing with Google Chrome but without running an extra app? Now you can add a To-Do List to the New Tab Page with a simple-to-install extension.

Note: This extension only works on the latest Dev Channel builds for Windows & Linux (4.0+).

Setting Up “Things To Do”

Once you have browsed to the extension homepage click on the “Add to Chrome Button” to start the install process.

Once you have clicked on “Add to Chrome” you will be presented with the following message in the “Downloads Toolbar”. Click “Continue”.

Clicking on “Continue” will bring up the following message window…click on “Install” to add the extension to Chrome.

The install will be very quick and you will see this message in the upper right corner of your browser. Now you are ready to start using your new To-Do List.

Using “Things To Do”

The first time that you open a new tab (or if you have the “New Tab Page” set as  “Home”) this is what you will see.

You can click within the “Title Area” and rename your To-Do List if desired…

Clicking within a “List Entry Area” will allow you to add items as desired. Each time that you finish adding an entry to your list and want to add something else just use the “Enter Key” and a new entry line will appear.

Here is our example list…notice that you can easily delete list entries if desired by clicking on the “Red X”. It may look kind of basic but is very useful…there when you need it and out of your way when you do not.

Note: At the moment there is no way to edit the “font type or size”.

Nice things to keep in mind about this extension are that:

  • Even if you close the new tab the list is retained for the next time that you open a new tab
  • You may also totally close the browser, restart, and have your list waiting for you whenever you open a new tab


The “Things To Do” extension provides an easy way to have an on-demand To-Do List built into your Google Chrome browser.


Add the Things To Do extension to Google Chrome

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