Are you looking for a quicker way to access your system settings without using the Control Panel? Then “Windows 7 in a Box” is a program that you should take a closer look at.

SPECIAL NOTE: The domain for the software’s homepage has expired and the software is no longer available for download.

What “Windows 7 in a Box” Looks Like

Setting “Windows 7 in a Box” up is very quick and easy. Simply unzip the rar file, place the exe file in an appropriate “Program Files” folder, and create a shortcut. Once started the interface is easy to navigate and use with drop down menus.

Note: The main app window will be small.

The best thing to do once you have the program started is to look through the menus to become familiar with them. “System Settings” have been broken down into focused categories to help you find what you are looking for as quickly as possible.

For those who are curious, we have included screenshots for all six menus so that you can have a very good idea of all the settings available through the program. Here you can see the settings available under the “Functions Menu”…

And the items available in the “Folders Menu”.

The “Internet Settings Menu”.

You can access the more common apps included in Windows 7 (i.e. Windows Media Center, Snipping Tool, etc.) using the “Programs Menu”.

Note: This menu will not display user-installed programs added to Windows.

Use the “Tools Menu” to access “System Management Tools”.

Access often used “System Settings” such as “Screen Resolution, User Account Control, & Window Color and Appearance“ in the “Settings Menu”.

“Windows 7 in a Box” in Action

As a quick example, we used “Windows 7 in a Box” to access the “User Accounts” settings and they opened up very quickly.

Though not seen in our screenshot, “Windows 7 in a Box” is still open and running “behind the “User Accounts Window” ready for the next group of settings or program that you need quick access to.


If you have been wanting a quick way to access settings without going through the multiple layers of the Control Panel, then you will certainly enjoy “Windows 7 in a Box”.

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