Would you like a way to view link URLs wherever you mouse is located in a webpage rather than using the Status Bar? Now you can do so very easily with the URL Tooltip extension for Firefox.


Here is our browser before adding the extension. At the moment the only way to view the “link URL” is through the “Status Bar”…not very convenient if you like keeping the “Status Bar” hidden to conserve screen real-estate.



Adding the extension makes viewing “link URLs” a lot easier. Now your webpage viewing can flow much smoother without having to shift your view from the article to the “Status Bar” and then back to where you were reading again.

Note: The “Wrap long URLs” option is enabled in this screenshot.



The options for the URL Tooltip extension are very simple. Choose the font sizes that you would like to use and it is recommended that you enable the “Wrap long URLS” option for best URL viewing.



If you have been looking for an easier way to view link URLs without using the Status Bar, then this is definitely a must-have extension.


Download the URL Tooltip extension (Mozilla Add-ons)