Do you dislike having to save “temporary interest/need” links as bookmarks or saving the whole webpage to your computer for later reference? Now you can save those links as small clickable files with the SaveLink extension.

SaveLink in Action

Once you have installed the extension you are ready to start saving links as files. You will not have to worry with any options…

There are two different ways to access the extension…the first is using the “File Menu” to save the webpage you are currently viewing as a “.url file”.

Here you can see that the file name is defaulting to the webpage title… Having a specific folder somewhere would be perfect for these files if you are wanting to keep your desktop clear or will be saving a lot of them.

Perhaps you are wanting to save a link in an article that you are reading…just access the “Context Menu” to save it as a file to your computer.


Notice that the file name is identical to the text containing the link in the article…you will most likely want to rename it for reference purposes later if you happen to have a large number of “.url files” to sort through.

The Result

Here are our two “.url files” ready to be double clicked when needed and easy to dispose of when we are finished with them. Nice, convenient, and easy to manage…



If you find yourself needing to save a lot of temporary links and really dislike cluttering up your bookmarks, then you will certainly enjoy having this extension added to your Firefox Browser.


Download the SaveLink extension (Mozilla Add-ons)

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