Do you want an easy way to preview links or images without having to open a new tab or window? Now you can with the CoolPreviews extension for Firefox.

CoolPreviews in Action

Once you have installed the extension and started browsing, watch for the small “CoolPreviews Icon” beside links when you hover over them. Move your mouse over the “CoolPreviews Icon” to open the “Preview Window”.

The “Preview Window” will open very quickly and display the webpage that you are wanting to preview with scrollbars to help you navigate. In the upper right corner of the “Preview Window” you can see a small “Lock Icon”…you may lock the “Preview Window” open or leave it unlocked and access it only when needed.

You may move (and resize) the “Preview Window” inside your browser window. If you desire you can browse the webpage in the “Preview Window” and follow the links inside to other webpages. In the following screenshot you can see the URL for the webpage being navigated to in the main browser “Status Bar”.

For previewing images all that you need to do is hover your mouse over the image in question and the “Preview Window” will quickly open up.


A quick look at the “Status Bar Icon Menu” for CoolPreviews…you can access this menu with either a left or right click.


Choose how you would like CoolPreviews to function when in use.

Make any modifications that you desire for the “Quick Search” function.


If you like the idea of being able to preview links and images without having to open a new tab or window, then you will definitely want to give this extension a try.


Download the CoolPreviews extension (Mozilla Add-ons)

Download the CoolPreviews extension (Extension Homepage)

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