Do you have a secondary set of links that you like or need to open every day outside of your homepages? See how easy it is to set up that second group with the Multi-Site Opener extension.


So, you have one set of links (i.e. news or social) for when you first open your browser and start your day. But when you finish with those you have to manually open up your links for work. You could use a “Bookmarks Folder” to open those links as a group, but a “Menu Listing or Status Bar Icon” can work just as well.

Clicking on either the “Menu Listing or Status Bar Icon” will open up the following window. There is one default URL included with the extension and no options to bother with.

All that you need to do is either copy/paste or type the URLs you want in the text box area and then you are ready to go.

Multi-Site Opener in Action

Whenever you are ready to open your set of links choose from either new tabs or new windows. First the new tabs…


Here are our links opening in new tabs…your current tab remains unchanged.

And now for the new windows…

As with the tabs, your original window remains unchanged.


While this may not be something that everyone finds useful, having the equivalent of a “second home button” can be very useful.


Download the Multi-Site Opener extension (Mozilla Add-ons)

Download the Multi-Site Opener extension (Extension Homepage)

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