Want to enhance your search results at Yahoo, Google, and Bing? Enjoy more features with your search results with the BetterSearch extension for Firefox.

Note: The BetterSearch extension also works with Flock.


For our example we decided to do a search for “Windows 7” at Google. As you can see there are plenty of results but what if you could enhance those results with extra functionality? Notice the outlined search result…


Once you have installed the extension you can immediately start enjoying the benefits. You can see the difference in the outlined search result shown here versus the one shown above.

Here is a close-up of the search result. You not only get a thumbnail of the webpage but also four additional functions…

BetterSearch in Action

Time for a closer look at all the extras. The thumbnail images are clickable and will open the search result in the current tab. You may also have the search result open in a new window (or tab depending on your personal browser settings) if you prefer.


Clicking on “Site Info” will open an “Alexa Page” with information about the search result in a new tab.

Interested in a quick look instead? Clicking on “Quick Preview” will open a mini-window with scrollbars in the “middle” of the search result. To close “Quick Preview” simply click on the “Magnifying Glass Icon” again and your search result is returned to normal.

If you want to see an archived version of the search result, click on “Archive” to open an “Internet Archive Wayback Machine Page” for a listing of any archived versions available.

Status Bar Access & Options

Depending on your “Status Bar” settings, you can access the settings using the “Magnifying Glass Icon”…

You can specify which search services that you would like to have BetterSearch be active for.

Choose the additional BetterSearch functions that you would like to use and deactivate the “Status Bar Icon” if desired.



If you are tired of the same old search results and want to add some nice additional functionality to them, then the BetterSearch extension is something that you should definitely try.


Download the BetterSearch Extension (Mozilla Add-ons)

Download the BetterSearch Extension (Extension Homepage)

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