Want an easy way to customize and boost the functionality of your tabs? Then you will definitely want to take a look at the Tabberwocky extension for Firefox.

Choose Your Options

Once you install the extension the first thing that you should do is go into the options. There are three categories of settings for you to sort through. At this point it is very much like a shopping spree…all that you need to do is select or deselect options to best suit your personal needs.

The “Tabs Area” allows you to decide tab behavior, tab closing actions, tab clicking options, tab bar options, and tab opening style.

Customize your menus with the options that you like best, choose the keyboard shortcuts that you want, and set up your desired “Context Menu” items in the “Menus Area”.

And finally you can enable the “Progress Bar” to appear on your tabs instead of in the “Status Bar” and/or a “Multiple-Row Tab Bar”.

A Quick Look at Some Features


Here you can see some of the extra features that we now have available in our example browser such as the additional “Tab Context Menu” items and a “Multiple-Row Tab Bar”. This is definitely a useful extension.


If you have been wanting a way to customize and boost your tabs in Firefox, then you will definitely want to install this extension.


Download the Tabberwocky extension (Mozilla Add-ons)

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