Are you looking for a quick no-fuss way to translate webpages? Then you will want to take a good look at the Translate extension for Firefox.


It can be kind of frustrating if you know of a great website or blog but are unable to read the language used to write it. While you could manually copy and paste the weblink (or a selected portion of the text) into Google Translate, being able to click a button is much simpler.


Once you have installed the extension the only options to make adjustments to are for the “From & To Languages”. Use the drop-down menus to select the appropriate languages.

Note: The “From Language Menu” has an “Auto-Detect Option” available…

For the first part of our test we selected a portion of the text from the webpage. We decided to choose our language selections in the “Status Bar” access area…


Once you have made your language selections you will need to click on the “Translate to: Language Button” as shown below. Since we selected only part of the webpage the translation was opened in a separate pop-up window.

For the second part of our test we decided to have the whole webpage translated. As before choose the appropriate languages and click on the “Translate to: Language Button”. The translation will be opened in a new tab (or window depending on your personalized settings)…

And here is the result of the “whole page” translation. Not bad at all…


If you are wanting a quick and easy way to translate text or whole webpages, then the Translate extension makes it very simple to do.


Download the Translate extension (Mozilla Add-ons)

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