When you want to use certain utilities and tweak your Windows computer, many times what you need is hidden deep in the system. Today we take a look at Windows Access Panel which allows you to quickly access system settings and utilities without having to dig through the entire OS.

Windows Access Panel

Basic view gives you quick access to several of the common utilities and system settings.

Advanced View allows access to more obscure but equally important settings and system utilities you may need from time to time.

Anything in the Access Panel is launched by a single click.

This utility will save you several steps in getting to where you need to be. For example, if you want to run Disk Cleanup you’d double click on My Computer, right-click the drive, go to Properties, then click on Disk Cleanup.


With Windows Access Panel you can just click on the tool you need. Where in this example is Disk Cleanup, and it opens a selection screen for you to choose the disk to cleanup and starts the process right away.


When you click on a utility listed in Windows Access Panel, it opens up the utility directly saving you time consuming clicks. The best part about this utility is it is portable, which makes it extremely handy for working on multiple machines. There are a total of 48 programs included in Version 1.0 and it works with Vista and Windows 7.

If need a quick way to access areas deep in Windows to tweak settings, and you work on multiple machines, Windows Access Panel is the perfect tool to be included on your flash drive.

Download Windows Access Panel

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