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How To Run Chrome OS in VirtualBox

Recently a build of Google’s Chrome OS was released for testing. Though it’s not ready for prime time, you might want to test it out in a virtual machine. Today we take a look at how to setup and run it in VirtualBox.

Note: In this example we are using VirtualBox 3.0.12 running on a 32-bit version of Windows 7 Ultimate.

Setup VirtualBox

The first thing to do is click on New to create a new machine in VirtualBox.


The New Virtual Machine wizard opens where you just want to click Next.


Type in a name for the machine and for OS Type you want to select Linux and the default version will be Ubuntu…you can leave that and click Next.


Now you want to select the amount of memory to allocate for the machine. In our test we used 512MB which seems adequate, but you can experiment with different amounts.


In the next step, select Use existing hard disk…


Then add the VMDK file you downloaded to Virtual Media Manager and select it.


You’re brought back to the wizard where the screen should look similar to this.


Then you’re presented with the summary of the new VM and if everything looks correct click Finish.


Now you will see the Chrome OS in the list of your virtual machines and you can start it up.


The Chrome OS will start up and the first screen you’re presented with is the log on. You need to enter in your Google account name and password to begin a session.


That is all there is to it. Now you can start playing around with the new OS from Google.



For those of you who like to try out the newest technology, this is a good option for testing out the Chrome OS. At this time don’t expect a whole lot of awesomeness with this build of Chrome OS. At least you can geek out on it and see what the hype is all about. Of course you can run it in VMware Player as well, but if you’re partial to VirtualBox, this will get you going.

Download Chrome OS from hexxeh

Download VirtualBox

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  • Published 11/30/09

Comments (14)

  1. calebstein

    This build has been proved fake.

  2. calebstein

    I am going to download it even though it has been proved fake.

  3. calebstein

    Sorry about the two comments that basically say the same thing, it wasn’t showing my first comment so I thought that it was not approved.

  4. calebstein

    I may have been wrong, it looks pretty real.

  5. farmer_jays

    I think the one I got has the username: mark p/w: chromeos

  6. Isaac Lewis

    Why does this website have the Chrome OS download?

  7. Isaac Lewis

    Are there any more screenshots that I can look at?

  8. audi

    my PC is connected to enthernet but it’s said “notwork not connected and ofline login fail” beep
    do you know how to fix it????

  9. chintan

    Good Tutorial.. Help me a lot..

  10. pulegium

    if you don’t want to stay with pre-built version of chrome os, you can always build your own from the latest source:


    nobody realises that google is an advertising company? and you’re giving them access to everything on your computer and everything you do online (read the eula)

    I wait for the ads to show up in chrome, surely it can’t be long now.

  12. peaceful1

    I have downloaded the ChromeOS-Cherry.img how can I install it on vb

  13. KUMAtron

    what would REALLY make me happy would be to listen to Chromeo in fully functional Chrome OS final built

  14. Ahmed

    i would try out installing Chromium in the coming days

    will post my experience once i do the installation in a few day

    Cheers !!

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