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How To Delete a VHD in Windows 7

Windows 7 has a neat feature where you can create Virtual Hard Drives and even encrypt them. Today we show you how to delete it if you no longer need the drive and regain local hard drive space.

Virtual Hard Drive

In a previous post we showed you the steps for creating a VHD. Remember when creating a VHD it’s using the space on the volume where you create it.


When you no longer have a use for it, you can go into Computer Management by right-clicking Computer then Manage.


In Computer Management go under Disk Management, right-click on the VHD you want to get rid of and select Delete Volume.


Agree to the warning message that appears. You probably want to make sure and head its advice and make sure there is no data you need on it.


However, the drive is not completely gone, you’ll need to go in and manually delete it.

deltete drive

That’s it! Now it’s gone and you have regained some hard drive space for whatever you need.

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  • Published 11/23/09

Comments (5)

  1. parmjeet singh

    i have a problem with hard disk management .by mistake my hard drive partion changes into primery while am trying to make more i have no more primery drive.i want to instal new operating system but it shows there is no primery please help me.

  2. Nick1946

    Hi, I followed the above instructions and it would not let me delete the virtual drive physically from the designated location. However, I went back to disk mangement went to the drive , right clicked on the drive and the popup gave me 3 choices. One of them being to detach the VHD. I clicked on that choice and another window came up with a suggested option highlighted, however, there was another option to detach and delete the VHD physically from the system.

  3. saikrishna

    i followed the instructions correctly but i can’t find the “delete volume” option.
    please help me

  4. sakana-rin

    ah results like this keep coming up in google, but i have a different problem:

    windows update tends to delete my vhd. it’s annoying. i can’t exactly find out why but i can’t depend on it. i’m happy that msonenote still had things synced because i was moving my user documents stuff to the vhd and that’s the one thing i’d hate to lose.

  5. sakana-rin

    er, now that i read a bit more, maybe there’s hope. it’s just not in msconfig and i kind of expected it to be there.

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